The Young Startups At Infotel 2017


Amidst the hustle and bustle of Infotel 2017, we decided to take a look at the Startup Pavilion. A programme by the MTDI, ICTA, and Startup Chapter of FITIS, the goal of the Startup Pavilion was to provide market access and showcase opportunities for technology startups in Sri Lanka by providing a subsidized exhibition opportunity.

The new faces at the Startup Pavilion

Among the startups exhibiting, we came across a few familiar faces such as Bluelotus360,, DirectPay, BotFactory, Odoc, IgniterSpace, ShoutOut, MogoSuper, Liveroom, Omentra, WorkForce,Tracified, SenzAgro and eZuite. Amongst these seasoned startups, we also found a few new faces. Together, we found quite a few startups at the Infotel 2017 Startup Pavillion. Here’s a list of some of the younger startups we saw.

This is a free community marketplace where people can buy, sell or exchange any item. By means of a mobile app, you can search for potential sellers near you and chat in real-time to negotiate the best deals. The platform is completely free for individual users. Businesses can set up their own mobile and web store and start selling. It is primarily aimed at small businesses.

The AnyDeal Stall

An online business to business (B2B) marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers with ease. Simply post the product/service you need and the platform will send you a list of suppliers best suited for your requirement.



This is an intelligent software solution to automate their customer support and order processing. By using an AI bot via Facebook messenger, they can automate repetitive tasks. Currently, they are combining this bot with their order management system. This is aimed at small businesses such as home bakers, to help them keep track of all orders in a single place.


Developed by Bitmap solutions, is an all-in-one software application for students studying for their Grade 5 scholarship exam. Rather than videos, they make use of interactive activities to teach students the various topics that would be taught for the exam. The content has been curated and created with the help of a number of Grade 5 teachers.



Lead by a team of digital nomads, BoostMetrics deals with promoting your brand or business. This is through a variety of of means  such as: Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and a lot more.



Alakazam is an intelligent AI bot available on Messenger that can be used by small businesses with their sales and marketing. The bot links to your FB and IG and asks you a number of questions to find out about your business. It also finds your most commonly used hashtags and from that point guides you through all the steps needed to carry out an online marketing campaign to get more customers.

The Young Startups At Infotel 2017

As the name suggests, eTenders is an online platform to submit and process Tender applications for products and services. The platform offers both a highly effective profiling team and tender matching system to ensure that you get the tenders you want. Currently, they service approximately 400 customers and have published over 50,000 Sri Lankan Tenders.


This is a platform for hotel owners to get their hotel listed and publicized. Registrants can get their hotel and relevant details published on the general booking portal and can also get a separate website for the hotel if they don’t have one. The platform also allows hotels to keep track of reservations and customers, check the accommodation availability and also has a payment gateway to accept online bookings.


FabLanka Foundation

We saw them showcasing a few 3D printers at Infotel. The mission of the FabLanka Foundation is to provide opportunities to improve the quality of life through innovation. They provide a collaborative environment to promote emerging technologies by means of empowering the you. They also aim to create a greener economy for the production of these goods.



They’re the sole distributors of smart home systems by SwitchBee. D-Tech’s stall was all about how to turn your home into a smart home. One where you can automate everything from the switching on a light to automated door locks, and even remotely controlling electrical appliances.


This is essentially an all-in-one online business toolkit. One that would help you customize, design and publish your e-commerce website. Once published, they also offer support when it is needed. You can register your domain and if you already own a domain, the folks over at StoreKit can help you configure your DNS as well.


Web Lanka

This is a company that carries out a number of services. These services range from web design to web development to SEO (search engine optimization) services and digital marketing. As such, they also offer web based software, hosting of domains, e-commerce solutions and payment gateways.


Student Tracker

By means of a smart card, this startup aims to track aspects of a student’s school or university life. Some of these aspects are attendance, class fees, notes and handouts, etc. The system will generate an alert if the student is not in class or if his/her fees have not been paid on time.


Park & Pay

Aimed at iOS and Android users, Park & Pay offers a quick, simple, and secure method to help motorists find vacant parking spaces anywhere in Colombo. Once they have found a vacant spot, they can select the spot, park their vehicle there and then proceed to pay for the time duration that the vehicle was parked.


You might remember them from last year’s Infotel. This is a new social network in Sri Lanka that aims to connect volunteers with organizations looking for volunteer support. All you need to do is create your free account on the platform and browse through the available volunteer opportunities. If you see something you would like to volunteer for, you can pledge your attendance to it and you’re good to go.

Startup offers a wide variety of products and services for enterprises. Examples of these services are: ERP, PMS, IMS, POS, CRM HRM and ACC systems. They also offer web design, web hosting, e-commerce, e-governance and SEO engineering services. They even have their own Antivirus solution.


9nt1 offers an ERP system that offers functionality such as Inventory management, Financial management and Human resource management. Like many other ERP systems, the key selling points is how easily it can be customized and it’s price.

9nt1 is an e-commerce website. It’s one where you can find not only products but also employment opportunities. Apart from searching for products online, you can also pre-order items, get items at a discounted rate, and take part in promotions organized by the company. In other words, it’s your typical e-commerce website.

Octo ERP

As it’s name suggests, this another startup at Infotel 2017 also offering an ERP solution. It allows you to manage everything from customer information, warehousing, sales forecasting. It also allows you to monitor production and purchasing as well by means of RFID, NFC, barcodes and GPS technologies.


PA Digital

The digital arm of Puppet Animations, which is a Sri Lankan Animation Studio, PA Digital specializes in Social Media management and branding along with digital media content. They create and manage social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook Google Plus, YouTube and Instagram. We also saw it’s development PA Labs, which is currently focusing all their efforts into a Sol-Les. Sol-Les is a video game being built on the Unreal Engine and is scheduled for launch in 2018.


And there you have it

Well, there you have it folks. These are the companies who have made their mark in the startup space at Infotel 2017. We wish them all the best for all their future endeavors and hope to see them again.