CodeGen’s XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom Is A Hit


January 2017 was the start of something unique. It was the beginning of a new year. It also marked the day when Dr. Harsha Subasinghe, CEO of CodeGen International together with Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva launched an interesting initiative at the Sri Jayawardenepura Maha Vidyalaya, Kotte. Called XOLO, this would be one of Sri Lanka’s first smart classrooms. Backed by the Education Ministry, the Smart Classroom was set up with CodeGen assuming the role of technology solution provider for both software and hardware.

XOLO Cloud CodeGen
Students of the XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom
Image Credits: DailyFT

The journey of XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom

Last week, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe accompanied by the Education Minister and several other high ranking officials paid another visit to the XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom. The purpose of this visit was to see the progress of both the system and the students. It was there that the Prime Minister made another interesting announcement.

The Ministry would be looking at implementing the XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom across 25 more selected schools around the country. In addition, they would also focus on the viability of implementing the XOLO Smart Classroom to all Advanced Level students in the near future.

XOLO Cloud
Benefits of XOLO at a glance

With the implementation of the XOLO Cloud Smart classroom, activities such as teacher training, student progress monitoring and content delivery are now carried out in a much more efficient manner. The teachers who are a part of the XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom also got the opportunity to visit some Smart Classrooms in Australia to further understand the concepts and benefits of smart classrooms.

According to Major D.A.D. Wanaguru, the Principal of Sri Jayawardenepura Maha Vidyalaya Kotte, the benefits of the XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom are seen quite clearly. For example, student attendance has risen to 92.5%. Further, the performance of students in subjects has increased by an average of 24%. In addition, the highest individual average of 87% at the term examination was from the Smart Classroom.

With stats like this, it seems pretty clear that the XOLO Cloud Smart Classroom is indeed working well for these students. If implemented across multiple schools as planned, it would very well revolutionize Sri Lanka’s education system. Let’s see how things pan out.


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