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At the recently concluded 4YFN (4 Years From Now) programme held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, we told you that we would be running a partnership with Katha, a social media platform that deals with voice messages more commonly referred to as voice casts. Well, here are a bunch of startups that the guys over at Katha and ourselves found interesting.

First up, we have Desire. An app designed for couples. Think of it as a game for you and your partner where you score points based on challenges such as making breakfast etc., in order to spice up your relationship. It is available for both iOS and Android as a free download. Available in a global market, a majority of the apps users are from the USA, closely followed by Spain.

To learn more about Desire, listen the voice cast on Katha here.

Marta plaza - Desire

Bon Appetit – Hailing from Columbia, this app aims to make you have a better experience at restaurants. You can perform tasks such as ordering food, calling the waiter and also splitting your bill if you’re dining with friends. You can preorder your food and have it ready for you at the restaurant when you get there. They also have a backend to manage inventory and staff to have better control of the operations. They can also obtain information of customers such as the rating of the meals etc. They have 6000 users in Colombia with 30 restaurants. That will be upgraded to 600 restaurants in the coming weeks.

To learn more about Bon Appetit , listen to the voice cast on Katha here.

Juan Esteban - Bon Apetit

Checkout Eventoi – This app allows you to fund and organize any social activity. Think of it as a means of crowdsourcing for events. Originally designed as a peer to peer app, they’ve expanded to corporate events as well. These include events such as trade fairs where if you need a minimum amount of people, and if you have a goal to reach it works just like crowdfunding where once you reach the goal, the event will take place.

From there, the host will get the money in advance to host the event. If the goal is not reached, then the money gets refunded and no one is charged. This could be useful for up and coming artists who wish to organize concerts and pre-sell tickets. It would also help the artist determine if the event is worth hosting depending on the amount of people attending. The app has its own security methods to make things easier to manage.

To learn more about Eventoi , listen to the voice cast on Katha here.

Physem –  A recruitment and HR Analysis tool. Developed for Android and iOS, Physem matches people and build the best team in a very efficient way. It performs an analysis of every person in your startup company to find the best person to match your team. The app will be free for individual use whilst there will be a charge for business use.

To learn more about Physem, listen to the voice cast on Katha here.

Voices of Leaders – This is the leading global business network for top executives and companies to expand your business locally and worldwide. As a data-driven business platform, it enables negotiation and engagement between business leaders, events and business communities offering strategic business opportunities.

To learn more about Voices of Leaders, listen to the voice cast on Katha here.

Voice of Leaders

Yuge – They go searching for special and niche shops specializing in handmade products and things that are not usually available. From there, they negotiate and see if they are interested in the application and add their information to the application. They literally comb the streets of Barcelona to find these shops. It is currently available for the Spanish market with plans to expand abroad as well.

To learn more about Yuge, listen to the voice cast on Katha here.


Cloud Guide – This is an app that attempt to gather official content of institutions, museums and monuments under the umbrella of cultural heritage. So rather than have multiple apps for these places, this app curates them all and presents the user with a single app. Launched one year ago, they have 150+ institutions and are present in more than 9 countries. The app will show you the closest institution to your area and provide you with a basic profile of it.

To learn more about Cloud Guide, listen to the voice cast on Katha here.

Lifetracker – They use behavior prediction and behavior analysis to suggest what you should be doing next based on what you’re doing now that fits your lifestyle. That way, they are able to give you a balanced recommendation to help balance your life. They are currently in private beta and plan to expand to a global market.

To learn more about Lifetracker, listen to the voice cast on Katha here.

Live Checker – Symbiotic artificial intelligence to gently remind you about your activities that you want done during the day.

Hailo – This is a taxi hailing app. Much like how Uber operates, you enter your credit card details and promo code (if you have one). From there you can select the nearest taxi and they will come pick you up. The pricing is dependent on the level of traffic and payment is via credit cards. The y attempt to differ from competition by having prebooked taxis and also have flexibility for taxi drivers so that they can be available via different taxi hailing apps.

To learn more about Hailo, listen to the voice cast on Katha here.


Well there you have it folks. A list of the top startups as seen by Katha and ourselves.

Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? We would love to hear from you.


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