IIT, University of Jaffna, University of Ruhuna


Thirty minutes into the competition and we’ve seen:

  • the Bus Tracker by IIT, which tracks buses, routes via  a web-based service. What distinguishes it from the normal GPS-based thing is that the system can SMS subscribers as to when the bus arrives where. Also, drivers get notified when to depart and what journeys they’ll be taking on for the day.
  • AgroMIS by the University of Jaffna. We didn’t get to see every feature in this, but it looks like a monolithic, complete database-driven system linking every person in the agriculture business – farmers, retailers, customers, the lot. Basically a total transparency system that lets each person (farmers included) examine supply, demand, availability of products using a multi-lingual interface. SMS and voice is involved from what we’ve been told.
  • A solution for Educational institutes by the University of Ruhuna – simply put, this one’s a total management system that covers everything from course schedules, attendance and student notifications to the school’s financial management.

    The judges and dignitaries are spread out across the crowd. Alright, onto the next stall we go… 


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