No time for the gym? These 5 fitness apps might help


There are apps in the millions out there. Whether its for shopping, gaming or even banking, you can be certain there’s an app for almost anything. This is true even in the world of heath and fitness. There are quite a few for those of you serious about being fit and healthy. Thanks to these apps, this process is now becoming less of a hassle. Here, we take a look at 5 of these apps.

1. Zen Challenge Series

Technically this isn’t just one app, but rather a set of apps. The Zen Challenge Series includes an app for each specific exercise, such as running, pushups, situps and squats. But what sets this apart from the rest is the ease of how each exercise is structured. For example, starting off with 12 pushups a day, with a 2 minute break for every 2 pushups. As you progress, it would come to a stage where you do as much as 100 pushups per day.

Fitness | Zen Challenge Series
A few of the apps from the Zen Challenge Series

These series of apps primarily caters to the beginner, with the aim of getting them to pro level. So, if you’re not one to usually get into exercise as a habit, this might help. If you’re interested, you can try out the Zen Challenge Series 100 Pushups, 200 Situps, 200 Squats, 10K and a few other apps.

2. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

If your daily schedule doesn’t allow you to find time for a gym, then this app might pique your interest. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge app lets you do all its exercises from the comfort of your home, while helping you maintain a schedule. In case you’re a complete novice, this app also comes with detailed instructions and video guides.Fitness apps

The app has a few “challenges” for you. These are basically workout types that targets different parts of your body. Once you start one of these challenges, the app maintains a daily schedule of the exercises you do. If you miss out on a day, it will keep notifying you until you get back to the workout schedule.

3. 7 minute workout

In a way this is similar to the previous app, but mushed down into 7 minutes per session. This workout app looks at getting you to do a quick series of exercises in a short span of 7 minutes. Just like 30 Day Fitness Challenge, this lets you alternate between different modes. Options include the usual 7 minute exercise, advanced workout, 6-pack abs workout, pushup master, etc.


While you can get almost everything done on the free version, the pro app allows for more options and flexibility. This might come in handy for those of you heavy workout junkies.

4. Zombies, Run!

What happens when you merge gaming with running? You get Zombies, Run!The app diverts from the usual running experience that we’re all used to. Zombies, Run! comes in the form of a game, where every time you run (or even walk), you progress within the the game. The idea here is that a gamified story is more likely to get you to be more active rather than the typical running app.

Zombies Run | Fitness apps
(Image Credits: Time Out London)

While this is essentially a game, the app still performs the same tasks a normal running app would. For example, it maintains a running log of your every run. But then again, this sort of thing might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Some might find this to be quite an entertaining experience, while some would see this as a mere distraction. Either way, the concept is still intriguing and is sure to encourage more people towards a better focus on health and fitness.

5. Strava

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, then this is a must have. Like all fitness related apps, Strava lets you track all your cycling and running trips, from your duration, to your average speed, etc. But this app takes things a little bit further. Strava also acts as a social media network of sorts, where users can follow each other, like and comment on other riders’ trips.

Strava | fitness apps
You can track your own rides and follow others’ as well

The app also tries to make things more interesting by having various challenges. Here, each challenge has a leader-board and often happen at a global scale. So it lets you see who exactly tops the list and their winning margin. Of course its not like you receive any real prize if you do complete these challenges. But its always interesting to see that you can virtually compete with your fellow users.

But these aren’t everything

Of course, we can’t promise any of the above will give you 6 packs or insane fitness levels. But what we can tell you is that apps such as these will definitely help you develop a habit of exercising and working out regularly.

Yes we know. We only listed out 5 here. There are plenty more out there in this space. If there any other similar apps you think is worth mentioning, do let us know in the comments below. Maybe there’s room for part 2.



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