5 not-so famous smartphones with a twist


The world is full of iPhones, Samsungs and Pixel. Yet, there are some of us who crave for something different in our smartphones. But with the intense competition that goes on with the manufacturers these days, it’s hard to expect anything out of the box. Of course, smartphones have been getting better day by day.

Manufacturers continue to pack in more features with each model that comes out. But what happens when a company not known for making smartphones decide to give it a try?

With the right resources and technology, the result can turn out to be quite interesting.

1. RED Phone (Hydrogen One)

The first one on the list is something new. It was announced a few months back but is yet to hit the market. This phone comes from the renown cinema camera maker, RED.

Priced at $1,200 (or $1,600 depending on which version), the device includes a 5.7-inch display. Now what’s special about this phone is that it comes with a holographic display. In other words, the Hydrogen One allows you to view actual 3D content.

As to how this particular technology works, according to RED, the screen technology is all thanks to their exclusive partnership with a startup called Leia Inc. The company hasn’t really revealed anything further about the Hydrogen One. But pre-orders are already underway and according to RED, the phone will be shipping early 2018.

2. Lamborghini Phone

Everybody knows Lamborghini and their powerful supercars. Even our very own Dilantha Malagamuwa drives one. But what you might not know is that the company has their own line of smartphones. In August, they unveiled their latest addition, the Alpha One.

Getting into the specs, the Alpha One packs a 3250mAh battery, 5.5-inch 1440p display, and a Snapdragon 820 processor. With regards to memory, the phone includes 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage (expandable to 128GB).The main camera comes at 20MP while the front-facing camera at 8MP. Adding on to the list of features, of course, is its casing, which is a custom Italian leather.
Lamborghini Alpha One | smartphones
The Lamborghini Alpha One in all its glory (Image Credits: gabruu.com)

If the premium leather casing wasn’t any indication, this phone is certainly not for the average Joe. The Lamborghini Alpha One is priced at $2,450. That’s roughly LKR 376,000. Is it really worth at that price tag, even for a luxury phone? Maybe, maybe not.

3. The $20,000 smartphone

If you thought $2,450 was a hefty price for a smartphone, how about $20,000? Meet Sirin Labs’ Solarin phone. So what’s so special about Solarin? For starters, the phone emphasizes security, offering 256-bit end-to-end AES encryption. It also has a switch that when flipped, your phone goes into security mode. Here, you will only be able to take phone calls and message verified people on your contact list.

Solarin | Sirin Labs | Smartphones
Image Courtesy: Digital Trends

So yes, Sirin Labs has definitely taken security seriously. But its not all about security though. The Solarin has a quite a decent rear camera (17.8MP) and front camera (8MP). Accompanying the camera is a 5.5-inch 1440p display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. 

One more unique feature of the phone is its warranty. If your Solarin runs into any issues, an expert will from the company will visit and fix it for you. If this doesn’t work out then you will get a brand new Solarin. Obviously, these sort of smartphones isn’t for everyone. After all, $20,000 (roughly LKR 3 million) is no small amount. At that price the phone better take me to Switzerland when we switch to Airplane mode.

Solarin | Sirin Labs | smartphone
(Image Courtesy: pocket-lint.com)

4. Phone for the Blockchain era

One of the most heard buzzwords in recent times is blockchain. The past few years have sparked quite a bit of discussion on the subject. This is due to the likes of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. So it’s not surprising to see companies attempt to design products around blockchain. Take Sirin Labs’ latest product, for example, the Finney.

This is a high-end smartphone that caters to those in the cryptocurrency market. Sirin Labs call the phone to be the most secure phone around. Regardless of the validity of the claim, one can understand why they say it is so. The blockchain based phone is said to be packed with behavioral based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), secured communications, and even a physical security switch. They’ve gone as far as having 3-factor authentication (biometric, lock pattern and behavioral).

Things don’t stop here. The phone comes with their own Shield OS, which includes secure P2P resource sharing. The phone sounds to be sophisticated and pretty heavy on security. But then again, if the Solarin was any indication then this shouldn’t come as a surprise particularly if you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies.Finney | blockchain | sirin labs | smartphones

Touching on a few other noteworthy specs, the Finney smartphone is also equipped with 8 GB RAM, 16MP main camera and 12MP selfie camera, and 256 GB of internal storage. How much will all of this cost? A whopping $999 (target). You can check them out for more details here.

5. The Razer Phone

This might not really be a unique one compared to the others on the list. But I felt like its still worth the mention. After all, how often does a company build a proper smartphone meant for gamers? Last time someone made a phone for gamers was when Nokia had the N-Gage series.

Now Razer isn’t a new player in the gaming scene. After buying over Nextbit, it was only a matter of time until the company announced a smartphone under the Razer brand. As we all suspected, out came the Razer phone. 5.7 inch screen, 1440×2560 pixel resolution (~551 PPI), Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835, 8 GB RAM, 4000mAh battery and 120Hz refresh rate. Not bad for a company releasing their first smartphone.

Razer | smartphones
(Image Courtesy: Razer)

But these aren’t the only ones

There are plenty of smartphones out there that seem out of the ordinary. There are phones like the Dras, where you can fold/bend the phone, literally. No, I’m not talking about bending like the iPhone 6 Plus. There are also modular phones like the ZTE Eco-Mobius modular smartphone and. So rather than covering every single weird phone out there, we thought of talking about a few that we felt were worth mentioning.


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