Cyanogen’s latest investor is Foxconn


Cyanogen has taken a bit of a break from messing up its partnership with OnePlus and from making statements where they envision an Android sans Google. For the most part, they are on the lookout for more investors. Around March this year, Steve Kondik and Kirt McMaster announced that they received funding from the likes of Twitter, Qualcomm and Rupert Murdoch. Now they have announced an (un)likely investor, Foxconn.

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Series C funding is a company’s (in this case Cyanogen’s) third injection of funding from outside investors. It is generally given on the understanding that the company has started to prove its worthiness and that it has a stable and sound business plan in place.

According to Cyanogen, they will be using the new funding to “accelerate talent hiring and the development of its open OS platform.”

To set the records straight, Foxconn is a manufacturer. Their product range include iPads, iPhones, Kindle, PlayStation, Xbox etc. Apart from being PC motherboard manufactures (of which they assemble the processor socket as well as components such as LAN ports and audio ports) they also have their own smartphone brand. Yes, these are Android smartphones sold under Foxconn’s InFocus brand.

Now comes the interesting part. Will there be a possibility that Foxconn phones in the future will run Cyanogen’s version of Android? Another fun fact, the Nokia N1, Nokia’s attempt at a Tablet is also a product of Foxconn.

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Now, we know that Nokia is attempting a comeback in 2016. What if their product is a Foxconn designed phone with a Nokia badge, running Cyanogen? Now this is certainly an interesting notion to consider. Only time will tell.


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