The 6th Gen with ASUS Z170 Series


It has been a while since ASUS revealed their latest Z170 series promising to “maximize the potential of 6th-generation Intel® Core™ processors”. Other than just being compatible with the latest processors, the Z170 series is packed with new cooling systems, overclocking technologies, new USB 3.1 ports, and some sleek and durable designs. Sounds cool? Then here’s more to why you should grab it.

Z170 is a cool series of motherboards, literally. It comes with TUF ICe and Thermal Radar 2 technologies that allow you to ensure complete and customizable cooling along with total monitoring offered by Thermal Detective 2 via the PC software itself or even from your smartphone. With our warm climates, precise monitoring and a freezing touch is exactly what we should be looking for. And it’s not just cool internally. The black and metal gray color Thermal Armor of Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 brings you the strength and the ambience of a sick and sleek board.

What’s better about the Z170 series is the big power boost you get with the 6th-gen processor along with the ability to overclock it. With ASUS Pro Clock Technology, you are packed with a base-clock (BCLK, not a bomb) generator specially designed for the new gen. It allows you to overclock the base clock to 400MHz or even higher frequencies. What’s even better is that you can combine it with ASUS TurboV Processing Unit (TPU) to boost the speed up to 5.2GHz or more. Why take the risk of overclocking? Why say no to have the power to run GTA V, a live stream of DOTA, and a heavy window of Illustrator at once and if it’s safe?

The overclocking doesn’t stop from there; Z170 series allows its users to overclock their memory using ASUS T-Topology’s second-generation which brings further DDR4 memory overclocking as well as DDR3/3L support on a selected range of motherboards. With ASUS 5-Way Optimizations, the Z170 series ensures you stability, maximum processor performance, energy saving, and many more optimal enhances.

Moving on to file moving, Z170 series debuts the latest USB 3.1 technology with data transfer speeds up to 10GB/s. That’s right, at maximum speed you can copy Witcher 3 or any category of movies in a matter of seconds. That’s not all, ASUS also offers the first ever 100W UPD front panel with two 3.1 USB Type-C ports. Z170-Premium and Z170-Pro motherboards will feature Thunderbolt 3 and Intel USB 3.1 support respectively. Z170 series also supports the latest PCI Express® and M.2 NVM Express SSDs which are capable of 32Gbit/s data transfer speeds.

All the motherboards come with protective measures such as 5X Protection II or Gamer’s Guardian along with LANGuard to make sure your assets don’t get burned from overvoltage or overcurrent dangers. Even though it does cover you from a certain level of lightning, you better switch off your rig if you don’t want to see your precious equipment turn to dust.

The Z170 range is what you need to bring out the maximum performance with stability and power of the new 6th gen processors. They are user-friendly as well as sustainable with all the ASUS enhancing technologies. If you’re a power-hungry user, the Z170 series looks like the ideal choice to feed that hunger. To satisfy that hunger simply head over to EPSI Technologies & their partners.


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