99x’s Televisionary


99x's Televisionary 4Relax, it’s not a long-distance religious service.

Televisionary is a nifty new app from the folk at Sri Lankan codecenter 99X Technology. It’s a Windows Phone 7 program that keeps track of all your TV shows from one central – you can even mark watched episodes. You can search for TV shows, add them to your collection, and there’s even a calendar to track when episodes will be released. Those who’ve used Google Calendar will know how useful this feature is.  But the best part is – it’s freeware.

Even better, Televisionary subscribes to WP 7’s Live tile concept, so design-wise it’s several steps ahead of the average Windows Phone app. Unfortunately Windows Phone 7 is a pretty rare Operating System in the mostly Android-run waters of Sri Lanka,  so it’s unlikely we’ll see Televisionary being put to good use locally. 99x’s global presence ought to make this quite useful beyond Sri Lankan shores.  Hopefully we’ll see this app deployed on the new WP8 platform as well.

If you happen to have a WP7 phone, visit http://televisionary.99xtechnology.com/index.html to grab the app. Kudos to a big league software company for making something like this, absolutely free.



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