About Us

We’re national tech-journalists with international standards. We don’t just write, we run the gamut – photography, live blogging, live twitter coverage, the works. ReadMe is your source for everything that happens in the Sri Lankan IT industry. We bring you the latest news, insights and unparalleled features into the Sri Lankan TechScape.

Since our inception in 2012, ReadMe has transformed into the go-to place for any and all events related to ICT. Apart from providing media coverage to all major IT events hosted in Sri Lanka (and neighboring countries as well).

We believe in quality over quantity, critical journalism and a healthy slice of opinion backed up by data. Visit us to stay updated! All of our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Meet the team

Andrew Jebaraj
(@andrewjebaraj) PHP wizard, entrepreneur, die-hard web coder.Andrew is the Co-founder of ReadMe and Co-founder of the non-profit Adopt a Dog in Sri Lanka movement. Possess a private collection of some of the rarest PC hardware on the planet. Andrew is often adopted by the dogs he saves.



Enosh Praveen (@enoshpraveen) is the Co-founder, point man and business guru of ReadMe. Enosh holds the team together while making sure everything connects in the background for things to happen. He’s obsessed with the fine art of selling ideas.




Binura de Zoyza (@binuradz) is an avid eSports champion with a penchant for the racing leagues. A correspondent, moderator and editor at www.gamer.lk, he strives to bring out competitive gaming in Sri Lanka and takes pride in helping Sri Lanka make its mark in the gaming industry worldwide.



dhivaDhivaagar Kumaravel (@dhivaagar). Windows Phone has its fans. Then there is Dhivaagar, Microsoft fan extraordinaire. Dhiva is a first adopter of all things Windows. He daylights at Momentus Digital and moonlights at ReadMe stalking where people gather, like a Cortana-crazed Batman.



lahiruLahiru Perera (@kriticalvodka). Social Media Extraordinaire. Lahiru spends most of his time strategizing the social media sphere. He is also a skilled writer and occasionally dabbles in the arcane art of photography. He is also paid to take holidays.



mazinMazin Hussain (@mazin_hussain) A gamer and anime geek that has a fairly large sweet tooth along with a burning passion for tech. Mazin is a creature capable of surviving on nothing but coffee and chocolate biscuit pudding. He’s also an active Toastmaster learning how to give epic war speeches.



maheshMahesh De Andrado (@MaheshDeBanana) spends most of his waking life immersed in the bleeding edge of technology in Sri Lanka. He lives mostly on a diet of Nutella and overclocked processors. By night he plays DOTA, writes and guards his watchdog.



raviRavishangar Kailasanathan is an enigmatic soul. A graduate of Parkland College, he is a veteran designer with the incredibly rare ability to live almost completely off the grid. Little is known about him except that he walks for ten kilometers each day to keep himself fit.



sachithSachith Perera (@iamsachith) is a techie by profession and a geek at heart. Irrespective of what it does, he’s fascinated by all things electronic. In his spare time, you can find Sachith browsing for comics and action figures online.


VinushaVinusha Paulraj
isn’t a techie. She trudged through studying law, has mastered the art of petting puppies and now is the honorary office Unicorn. Occasionally she comes up with some bright ideas which later turn into features.