Ai Tech: The Smart Boiler Way


We already told you about Easy DepositKingroder and Sure Cash. Now, we bring you the story of Ai Tech, the industrial smart boiler system. Last we spoke of the smart boiler team, they were down to the final eight. The team managed to make it to the final stage of Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak (KVA). Here, we take a closer look into the story of Ai Tech.

The Boiler Problem

The problem arises when it comes to the safety of using industrial level boilers in factories. Handling these boilers require manual labor, particularly for its water valves. To the untrained eye, a malfunctioning boiler could cause some serious danger to a production facility. So why not have a mechanism to operate it remotely? That’s exactly what Shashi Sampath and his team did.  With Ai Tech, the need for handling manual operations is eliminated, thus addressing the safety concern.

Ai Tech
Shashi Sampath, the man behind the Smart Boiler (Photo Credits: Avishka Senaratne)

How Does Ai Tech work?

The solution for the boiler problem comes in the form a fully automated safety controlled cloud based Operating System. If that was a mouthful, here’s what it simply means. In a normal scenario, machine operators are needed to manually operate the boilers to properly maintain it. One of the components that help the operator do this is its control box. Now, picture this control box integrated with a few circuits and sensors in the boiler. These sensors would collect the data and feed it into a cloud based system. This allows the user to access this data real time and handle operations easily, all from the comfort of their phone or laptop.

Ai Tech
Ai Tech in all its glory (Photo Credits: Avishka Senaratne)

Utilizing the cloud based platform, this system comes with its own safety protocols. One of them being the entire system required to be synced real time with its devices. Without the entire system in sync, the boiler will not start. Why is this vital for a boiler? Well, without the availability of real time data machine operators will not be able to control and maintain the machine properly. Incorrect data might cause the user to make incorrect decisions, which in turn might actually damage the boiler.

Digging Deeper

This system is also accompanied by a mobile app. This gives a wide set of control options for the user. Apart from the ability to start/stop the boiler, this also lets the user control operations such as the water and steam levels of the machine.

Ai Tech
The Smart Boiler at work (Image Credits: Ai Tech)

We mentioned earlier about sensors and data collection. You might be wondering how this relates to the safety problem of the boilers. As Shashi explains, these sensors are used to collect data of all the major processes of the machine. This helps the system gather important information such as steam load per day, oil per day working hours per day (machine), service time period and temperature.

Who’s It For?

By now you probably would have guessed this is not for normal people like you and me. Shashi’s solution is looking at a very particular niche. Ai Tech’s smart boiler aims to appeal to companies, or more specifically companies that involve heavy production and obviously, boilers. The team has already deployed a prototype at a dye production facility in Horana.

Talking about the future plan for the smart boiler, Shashi mentions that they would possibly be focusing a little more on the data analysis and forecasting side of things. But this will require a lot of support from the government’s side in terms granting approval and other related matters. Nevertheless, we at ReadMe wish the team best of luck at the KVA finals, and their journey ahead as a startup.


  1. smart boilers are available in the market since longtime ago. we don’t see any innovative part in this product. if someone says innovative part is entire thing controlled by smart phone or tab. wondering how this product got selected.


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