The Amanda Todd case: Anonymous points fingers


With the internet being flooded with the suicide of Amanda Todd, international hacker collective Anonymous has begun to track down and release information about people who met the 15-year-old teen online.

A victim of cyber bullying and depression, Amanda was plagued by an internet stalker who acquired a screenshot of her in the seventh grade, when in a momentary mistake, she flashed her breasts to a stranger on BlogTV. Each time the stalker demanded that Amanda send sexual videos of herself, and each time she refused, the screenshot found its way to students, teachers, and peers in every school that she moved to, starting a vicious cycle of name-calling and physical harassment. A month before her eventual suicide, Amanda posted a YouTube video chronicling years of online and real-life bullying.

(In) famous global hacker group Anonymous stepped in unexpectedly, tracking down and identifying Kody Maxson, a Facebook employee and resident of Vancouver whom Amanda had been in touch with. Adding fuel to the fire is an online profile called Kody1206, showing up repeatedly on websites and forums where unknown stalkers capture and share pornographic images of underage teenagers. Kody1206 also posted a YouTube video implicating Kody Maxson.

In the media uproar that followed, the man denied the allegations that he was the stalker, claiming that he was in fact a known hacker who Amanda contacted to help her find out who was blackmailing her. “I tried to help, to do everything I could,” said Maxson, stating that he located some sketchy information about the blackmailer, who goes by the name “Viper”.

Shortly after, Anonymous released detailed online records of Viper, linking Viper to the Kody1206 alias. Eventually the profile was traced has been traced not to Kody Maxson but to an individual called Dakota William Shain Maxson, who was accused by another young girl as being her blackmailer. William Maxson was also recently charged with sexual abuse of a 16-year old.

It’s not known for certain whether this really is Amanda Todd’s blackmailer – Anonymous’ information, while detailed, was not always accurate as to addresses and such. Nevertheless, the presence of the world’s most powerful (and uncontrollable) hacker collective is a force to be reckoned with. While the fact and the fiction has yet to be unraveled by the authorities, we hope that one way or the other, the stalker will be found and brought to justice.



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