AMD launches new generation of processors


AMD has officially unveiled its second generation of A-series APU’s. Formerly codenamed “Trinity,” these APU’s combine four CPU cores with a Radeon HD 7000-series graphics core on the same chip.

Now there are six offerings in the latest batch, with the cheapest at $53 (the A4-5300) and the most expensive chip, the A10, retailing for $122. The biggest beast is clocked at 4.2 Ghz and comes with official AMD overclocking tools that let you push the chip upto 6.5 Ghz of raw power. You might need some pretty expensive cooling if you’re willing to go that far.

 “The combination of processing speed, multiple compute cores, and discrete-level graphic capabilities on the second generation AMD A-Series APU make it an excellent platform for the gamer and PC enthusiast alike,” said Leslie Sobon, AMD’s VP of Desktop and Component Products, in a recent press release.

 After Bulldozer’s dismal performance, AMD is covering all the bases. These new chips are optimized for Windows 8, and those on-chip HD 7000’s can handle Directx 11 graphics like nobody’s business.

The niftiest gimmick is that the thing supports multiple monitors without needing a separate graphics card, which is a major first. We’re betting these chips will soon be making their way into powerful laptops and ready-to-go PC’s.

The chips aren’t available on Sri Lankan shores (yet). Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we? 


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