Android Crowned Internet’s Most Used OS


There’s no doubt that Mobile is equally important to desktops when it comes to internet and apps. But according to a recent report, Mobile actually may be ahead of desktops. In a report published by StatCounter, the understanding seems to be that Google’s Android Operating system has indeed overtaken Microsoft Windows and claimed the title of the internet’s most used operating system.

According to Statcounter’s network, which analyses data from approximately 2.5 million websites, Android users made up a grand total of 37.93% of activity on Statcounter’s network. Windows on the other hand clocked in at 37.91%. A marginal gap, but noticeable nonetheless. It also brings to light a point that has been rather inevitable for years: People prefer browsing on mobile rather than desktops. On a different, yet related note, Apple users were around 3x more active on the internet via iOS rather than OSX desktop machines.

Image taken from: TechCrunch

Even though Windows continues to be ahead in terms of Desktop usage, the sales of desktops themselves has declined over the last 5 years. In comparison, Smartphone sales continues to skyrocket with Android being the Operating system of choice amongst users worldwide. This is especially noticeable in markets such as India. Despite Apple catering to a niche in that market, Android takes up almost 90% of smartphone sales in India. Initiatives such as Android One also are also responsible for this.

In Western markets however, the balance between iOS and Android is more or less equal but with an increase in the number of users from Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Latin American markets, the balance has tipped in favor of the little green robot. has tipped the scales in favor of Android. In fact, another report by Statcounter showed that mobile is responsible for a majority of internet usage in countries such as India with 79%, Indonesia with 72% and China with 57%. Desktop internet usage however, seems dominant in the U.S. with 37%, U.K. with 35% and Germany with 30%.


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