One Plus Android=New Android, the Kairos T-band and metal snake chargers


Good morning folks! It’s a beautiful sunny morning and here’s the latest and greatest happening in the world of tech.

One Plus to release its own version of Android

Last month hasn’t been an easy one for One Plus. The manufacturers of the venerable One Plus One, have gone for a wild ride in the Indian legal system thanks to it’s wife software partner Cyanogen. Thanks to Cyanogen’s exclusive partnership with Micromax, One Plus was banned and then unbanned from India. The ride hasn’t ended as the courts will be reviewing the case on January 7th. However, the damage is done.


After being heartbroken and disappointed, One Plus decided it’ll make it’s own version of Android-with blackjack and lolipop. If you’re one of the chosen few who own a One Plus One then you can download it from the One Plus Forums. However be warned that the ROM is still in alpha testing and you’ll need to flash it onto the phone.

Turning your old watch into a smart watch: The Kairos T-band

Last year we saw the most beautiful smart watch ever: the Kairos smart watch. Produced by Korean startup by the same name, a Kairos smart watch is beautiful but will cost you at least $399 or a kidney, which is a lot to pay for a smart watch.

This is where the Kairos T-band comes in and turns your old dumb watch into a smart watch. Their prices start from $149 and are expected to arrive between April and June 2015. For more information check out it’s indiegogo page.

Snakes that pop out of your wall and charge your car

So Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla (and a bunch of other awesome companies) tweeted this:

Basically picture you parking your car at a petrol shed. Now without you or anyone else doing a thing, the hose automatically plugs into your car and starts refilling your tank. Sounds crazy? Yup that it does. However, that’s never stopped Elon Musk in the past.Hopefully he ensures that Tesla makes sure these snakes can take a beating. If we saw a giant metallic snake in our garage, we’d either:

  • Keep smashing it till it stops moving while screaming like mad men
  • Kill it and try to cook it (We wouldn’t put it past Yudhanjaya)

In all seriousness, if this becomes a reality then it would be another reason, as to why owning a Model S is convenient and awesome. As TechCrunch says, “you can’t forget to plug in your car when the plug is autonomous, after all.” and the backward compatibility of these new chargers with existing Model S vehicles is an added bonus.


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