The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker: Hearing Is Believing


If you’re like me and you have about 200-300 songs on your phone which you listen to, you will probably know the trouble there is when it comes to playing your favorite music out loud in a crowded or noisy environment. Whether it’s to listen to one of your favorite tracks and learn to play it or whether it’s for a practice, sometimes your phone’s loudspeaker just won’t cut it. This is where an external speaker comes into play. But these too are rather cumbersome with cables and connectors. So the simple solution for this is the Bluetooth speaker.

Take a look at the market today and you’ll find a plethora of bluetooth speakers. Some legit, some fake and some questionable to both. Be that as it may, finding a bluetooth speaker that has good sound quality and also has good battery life is a challenge. One such contender for these categories is the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker. Priced at LKR9,900 at Celltronics or USD35.99 via Amazon, the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker sports a stylish candybar design.

Unpacking the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

In terms of packaging, the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker comes in an attractive blue and white box with the speaker itself being wrapping in a thick polyethylene cover. Once you take off the cover, you’re ready to start using the Anker Soundcore speaker. Featuring an all matte black housing the Anker SoundCore speaker is indeed very attractive. As soon as you take the speaker into your hands, the first thing you notice is the word “Anker” printed on the front grill of the speaker. Measuring 6.5 x 1.8 x 2.1 inches and weighing just 12.6 ounces, the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth is available in Black, Red and Blue.

Anker SoundCore
The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Located at the top of the speaker are the Power button, volume controls and play/pause button. There is also a Bluetooth pairing button just in case your device cannot find the Anker Soundcore speaker.

Anker SoundCore
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Located on the right side of the speaker are the microUSB charging port, microphone outlet and also a 3.5mm port. This enables you to connect your device via a 3.5 connector so Bluetooth is not always required. The inbuilt microphone also means that you can use the Anker SoundCore to make and receive phonecalls completely hands free. The back of the speaker is completely sealed and has the Anker logo etched into it giving a classy touch to it.

Anker SoundCore
Image Credits: Mahesh de Andrado

Do you hear what I hear?

Eager to test out the speaker, I kept it to charge which took around 4 hours and I was ready to begin my tests. Pairing the speaker is extremely easy. Just power it on and search for the speaker in your device’s Bluetooth settings. A blue LED is your assistant here. The LED will blink at a constant rate while searching for and pairing e a device and once found will remain on. I loaded up a variety of songs ranging from Rock to hip-hop, to Metal, Classical and even a few Dubstep and electronic numbers. The results were quite satisfying. At moderate volume levels, the sound output is extremely clear with little to no distortion.

Anker SoundCore
The internals of the Anker SoundCore
Image Credits: Anker

The dual-drivers rated at 3W each do a stellar job of providing powerful stereo sound which is also crisp along with very tight bass lines. Overall, I was quite impressed with this. I decided to take things up a notch and increase ththe volume. At maximum volume of both my OnePlus Two and the Anker SoundCore speaker, the quality of the music still remains unchanged with crisp mids and highs along with a tight thumpy bass. There is perhaps a minute level of distortion but you’re not likely to be playing something that loud.

Music, all day every day

My next objective was to see how long the battery lasts. The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker packs a 4400mAh battery. That is actually more juice than most flagship phones available in the market. Rated at upto 24 hours of constant music playback, I actually managed to use the speaker for close to 3 weeks without charging it. This wasn’t three weeks of uninterrupted use though. Rather, it was around 1 to 1½ hours of music playback every day.

Overall, I was very impressed with the battery life. For the first few days I made it a point to carry around a charging cable just in case the battery died, but a few more days into it and I just left the cable at home. Even with low battery, I was able to get around 20-30 minutes of audio playback before the speaker actually died and I had to charge it up.

Overall conclusion

The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker is not exactly cheap. But then again, if you’re familiar with Anker’s portfolio, you would know that they are the manufacturers of premium USB cables and Power banks. In fact, this is one of the reasons that the Anker SoundCore speaker has excellent battery life. There are cheaper alternatives out there but if you want something that is long lasting (literally) and also has excellent playback quality that won’t leave a gaping hole in your wallet, go ahead and try out the Anker SoundCore speaker.



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