APIIT “Windows 8 App Fest” Launched


Students at APIIT got a first hands experience on developing apps for the Windows 8 platform at the APIIT Windows 8 App Fest held on  the 19th of February 2013. The event was jointly organized by the Student Activity Club of APIIT and the Microsoft Student Ambassadors and Buddies in APIIT.

40 students including alumni of APIIT went through a 3 hour training program done by Mr. Wellington Perera, Senior Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Sri Lanka. A range of topics from What is Windows 8, The Windows 8 Platform, Windows 8 App Ecosystem, Getting Started on Developing Windows 8 Apps, Basics of Developing Windows 8 Apps using Javascript & .Net and Best Practices when Developing Windows 8 Apps. The students who were all new to the platform, some even installing Windows 8 onto their laptops prior to the workshop were quite interested in the new platform which provides a range of new possibilities for developers.


Starting off the session, Wellington pointed out the new possibilities available in Windows 8 App development. He also mentioned that Sri Lanka is one of the countries where more apps have been developed for the Windows Store by students rather than professionals in the industry which also applies to the Windows Phone platform. In Sri Lanka almost 800 students have already been trained for developing Windows 8 apps and many apps developed by these students are already available on the Windows Store with some having 1000+ downloads.

Participants who were provided with the necessary development tools were also given time to practice what was preached and get their questions answered by Wellington. Moreover, the participants were also given free Windows Store Developer accounts (which usually cost US$99 each) via the Microsoft Dreamspark program so that the students can submit their apps to the Windows Store directly and also in the future develop more apps and submit them.

The students have now been given 10 days to come up with an idea and develop the app before they group meet up again on the 2nd of March when Wela and the Organizing Committee will check the apps developed and make them bug free and also take the students through the process of submitting their apps to the Windows Store. Exciting prizes are also on offer to the best apps developed at the event including Nokia Lumia phones.




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