Here’s What You Get with Apple’s iOS 11


If you’re an Apple user, you probably would have been waiting for the next iteration of iOS. Called iOS 11, the official update for Apple’s next mobile operating system isn’t due until Fall this year. However, the developers at Apple have released a beta version of iOS 11 for both the iPhone and iPad. Here are a list of the features we found interesting in the new iOS 11.

A fully fledged Screen recorder

If you’ve ever wanted to capture footage of your game play while on your iPhone or iPad but were never able to do it, now’s your chance. With the new screen recorder (which Android users have had for quite a while now), you can capture whatever is on your screen, add a voice over commentary and then share it as a video with your friends.

iOS 11
Image Credits: CultOfMac

More permission for your location

We all know how important privacy is in this day and age. With apps, it seems a lot of them need access to your location and you may or may not know what apps are you using your location. iOS 11 handles this by a blue status bar. If an app is using your location, the blue bar will appear as the app runs in the background.

iOS 11
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Simply open the iOS Settings, select the app you want to deal with, then pick Location. Rather than simply allowing or blocking apps from using your location, it’s actually better to be asked if the app can share your location. Again, something we’ve seen in Android for a while.

QR Code scanning

Noticed by a few iOS 11 testers, the updated camera app on iOS 11 now has the ability to read QR codes. So if you’re already on iOS 11 and you see a QR code, just point your camera at it and see if it works. You can also use QR codes to access Wi-Fi netorks, share your contact details, access a particular website and even use it to prove the validity of your ticket for events and movies etc.

You can offload your unused apps

If you have been using your device for a while and have installed more than your fair share of apps, you would probably have realized by now that you don’t use half of them but you also realize that if you uninstall it, you’ll have to go through the procedure of setting the app up again if you want to use it.

iOS 11
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With the new App offloading feature in iOS 11, you can offload your unused apps to free up some space. This also means that you may wake up one day to find one or two apps that you rarely use have been uninstalled thanks to this feature. If you’re okay with that, then you can go ahead and enable it.

Send and receive cash with Apple Pay

With iOS 11, you can send money instantly and securely via Messages. You can also request and receive money as well. Once you receive money via Apple Pay, it’s stored securely in Apple Pay Cash and is available for you to send to someone or treat yourself or to transfer to your bank account.

Meet the Files App

Fianlly iOS has its own file manager. Again, seen on Android devices from pretty much the beginning, the feature is finally available for iOS. While it doesn’t give access to system files like Android would, the Files app does provide access to your media both locally and on online services such as Dropbox, Google drive and Box. In addition, if you have an iPad, you can also drag and drop text, photos and files from one app to another.

iOS 11
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Improvements to Augmented Reality

iOS 11 has introduced a new framework called ARKit which enables AR to iOS devices by allowing developers to implement AR functionality into their apps. This enables a greater level of interaction and immersion that will keep both adults and kids hooked for hours on end

Improvements to Live Photos and Camera

Live photos have been improved to add even more functionality and effects to your photos. If you’ve used Live photos before, you’ll know the some of the interesting features it has. With iOS 11, you can be more creative with your live photos. You can create a loop, a bounce effect or even add a long exposure shot just like you would with a DSLR.

With the updated camera app, you have more filters and you can express your creativeness with Portrait photography. In addition, with a new compression technology, you can take photos with the same quality as before, but at only half the file size.

Siri is more helpful

Siri, Apple’s Intelligent Assistant has undergone some changes and now has more support for translations. For example, you can ask Siri to translate a phrase for you and it will do so. With its integration into Apple Music, you can get Siri to play your favorite songs and also get Siri to answer trivia questions about the songs being played.

iOS 11
Image Credits: iDownloadBlog

Stay In control

With iOS 11, you can customize the redesigned Control Center in order to change the settings for your most frequent applications and settings.

iOS 11
Image Credits: PhoneArena

With an improved lockscreen, simply pull it down like a cover sheet from the top of the screen to get a look at all your notifications at one go. If you’re driving, your iPhone running iOS 11 can sense when you might be driving and can prevent you from being distracted by calls, text messages, and notifications. If anyone tries to contact you, they will be notified that you’re driving.

What is needed for iOS 11?

Well, in terms of compatibility, you’ll have to have an iPhone 5s or later. For iPad users, you’re looking at an iPad mini 2 and above. The trusty iPod too is eligible for the iOS 11 update if it’s a 6th Generation iPod touch. If you think you’re ready to try out iOS 11, then head over to this link and sign up or login to the Apple Beta Software Program. Keep in mind that because this is a beta version, there are bound to be a fair number of bugs. So if your primary device is an iPhone or iPad, then we do not recommend you to install the beta. However, if you have a secondary Apple device and you’re interested in giving iOS 11 a go, by all means do go ahead and let us know what you think about it.


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