Aramuna Report #1: ICTA Helps 1200 Scouts

In an initiative powered by ICTA and Nensala, volunteer admins, trainers and students conducted a massive 3-Day awareness program at the Colombo Centenary Scout Jamboree from the 3rd to the 5th of August. This project saw over 1200 junior and senior scouts coming together at the Jamboree Nenasala Center in Chillaw to learn about computers, careers and a whole lot of practical ICT.
The program trained invitees free of charge in essentials, ranging from the basics of Microsoft Office to internet security and hacking. Children over 13 years were encouraged to open their own email accounts. Volunteers, from Aramuna, Virtusa, Navantis Inc, CERT, the University of Colombo and Kotelawala Defense University pitched in to organize, teach and discuss in all three languages. Approximately 500 scouts were also able to complete exams to gain an ICT competency badge (badges playing a major part in the progression of a scout).
Here are a few moments, captured in photos on twitter:
Volunteers from Navantis Inc and Virtusa joining in
Volunteers from Navantis Inc and Virtusa joining in to help
CERT teaching Girl Guides about 'net security
CERT teaching Girl Guides about ‘net security
It's never too late to leanr
It’s never too late to learn: a junior scout and a senior scout experimenting with Microsoft Word
Lessons in three languages
Lessons in three languages



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