Aussie E-Nerds invade Sri Lanka


The geekily named, Australian outfit E-Nerds has started up an offshore network  ops centre right here in Sri Lanka – to be precise, at 285 Duplication Road, Colombo 03!

In case you’re wondering, the E-Nerds are in the business of IT support and infrastructure. Their portfolio spans tech support, consultancy, storage, disaster recover and even cloud services. The Sri Lankan center will apparently be covering reporting, monitoring and management and client portals. They’re apparently slated to have around 10 staff on this. All face-to-face and phone convos will still be with Aussie staff. 

The project was driven by eNerds’ desire to build up its Nerd Suite (love the name), which plugs into Kaseya and has apparently been build to collect information from systems like Symantec, Dell and Microsoft Exchange. The Sri Lankan base would, according to them,  provide “greater capacity to support our internal development team in Australia and continue our innovation development with the view to commercialising one of the products later this year” (source: CRN Australia).



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