Avurudu Celebrations In The Digital Space


Its that time of the year again. Sinhala and Tamil New Year, or more fondly known as, Avurudu, is upon us once more. It’s the season of color and celebrations (and kokis). One of the most exciting things about the new year are the games we play for the season. In recent times, we’ve seen these celebrations transfer over to the digital space. This year is no different. Here are few interesting things happening in the local tech scene.

Geek Avurudu Celebrations From The Geek Initiative

For the second consecutive year, the folks at The Geek Initiative are organizing their very own geek themed avurudu. The festivities include events like daredevil mutti, carrom battles and even, well, bat nipple marking. But the Geek Avurudu Celebrations has its own cosplay themed avurudu kumara/kumari contest as well, and Sri Lanka is no stranger to cosplay. So all you cosplayers out there, here’s your chance. Click here if you want to get registered for the contest.

Expect to see Deadpool lightning an oil lamp in a sarong (Image Credits: Gamer.LK)
Expect to see Deadpool lightning an oil lamp in a sarong (Image Credits: Gamer.LK)

In case you’re planning on making it, the event is scheduled to happen on the 30th of April at the Trace City premises.

SLT Avurudu promotion

Sri Lanka Telecom always have some gimmick in line with Avurudu. Most of the time, it involves free data (who in their right mind would say no to free data anyway). This year, they’ve got a few free avurudu games on their website that lets you play and have a shot at winning those free data. I myself tried a couple of them and I admit, it was bit more enjoyable than I imagined it would be. You can try your luck here.

In addition to the above, SLT has also announced that surfing on social media during 10th – 16th of April will be free. According to SLT, this applies to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and a host of others. We actually couldn’t give this a try ourselves. So you might want to double check on your data usage just to be on the safe side.

Avurudu | SLT
Free Social Media. Yay! (Image Credits: Sri Lanka Telecom)


Here’s something a little different. The KohoKoho mobile app essentially functions as a reminder about all the auspicious times with regards to the New Year celebrations. Developed by the folks from SurfEdge, the app could prove useful to those following nekath. In case you’re interested, the app is available for download on both Apple and Google platforms. 

Avurudu | KohoKoho
(Image Credits: SurfEdge)


Here’s a fun one. This is something of a trend that has been happening in Social Media, particularly on Twitter. What happens is that you would take a movie title and replace a certain word with Kokis. As expected, we saw quite a few get creative with this. Here’s a few of them we enjoyed.


Some even took it a step further.

All in all, Avurudu in the digital space is shaping out to be quite interesting. These are only few of the things we found interesting revolving around the seasonal festivities. Of course there are plenty of discounts and offers and what not being promoted heavily these days on Social Media. Other than that, if you think we missed anything do let us know and we’ll add it to the list.


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