Here’s how Avurudu was celebrated in the digital arena


If it’s one thing most of us Sri Lankans enjoy during April is the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. With all the customs, the traditional games and the sweetmeats, avurudu is often more than just a holiday for most of us. But celebrations are no longer limited to the traditional ways anymore. Technology has made through to avurudu in fun and unique ways. You might remember last year’s list we did. This year, things took on a similar tone. Here’s how the Sinhala & Tamil new year was celebrated in the digital arena.

1. KohoKoho

KohoKoho is an app that’s all about making sure you don’t miss out on any of the auspicious times during the new year. This year, the folks at SurfEdge made a few upgrades to the app. The smart compass for instance, helped users find the correct direction for each auspicious time.

KohoKoho | Avurudu 2018
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Adding to that, KohoKoho also partnered up with the likes of Bear Appeal, PickMe, CIB and 99x Technology. Thanks to the partnership, users were given exclusive offers/discounts. If you like to know more about the app and try out yourself, click here.

2. Helakuru

When last we spoke about Helakuru, the team had introduced sinhala voice typing. Later that year, they even surpassed 3 million downloads too. The service has certainly come a long way.Helakuru | avurudu

If you’ve been a user for some time, then you’re probably familiar with their push notification updates.Basically, this is where they use push notifications to send out important news/updates through their app. Just like in 2017, Helakuru didn’t forget to do the same for this year’s avurudu celebrations, where users were notified of auspicious times for different activities.

3. #TeamKokis or #TeamKevum

Twitter always have something fun lined up for every new year. This time, we had the twitterverse taking sides over Kokis and Kevum.

Meanwhile, for those of us who reported to work on monday were a tad bit confused.

4. Fantastic gadgets for Avurudu

Every month we make a list of cool gadgets that pretty much anyone can buy at an affordable price. For April, we decided to make an Avurudu edition of our “fantastic gadgets” monthly series. Here we covered wireless mice, earphones with brass stabilizer, quadcopters, etc. You can check out the full list here.

5. Geek Avurudu

Bummed about missing out on avurudu? Fear not. The “Geek Avurudu Celebrations” are happening this weekend. Organized by and PRUVE comics, the event will take place for the 3rd consecutive year. Here, geeks get to cosplay as their favorite fictional character while enjoying everything that comes with the usual new year celebrations.

So what can we expect this year at Geek Avurudu? You can head over to Trace City on the 22nd to find out. But in case if you can’t make it, don’t worry. We at ReadMe will be there to cover the story.Geek Avurudu Celebrations

So there you have it. These were some of the cool and interesting ways the tech community joined in the Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrations. Do let us know if you feel like we’ve left anything out from the list. Until next time.


Featured Image Credits: Nazly Ahmed


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