AWS Media Forum and the Launch of Saberion Media Engine


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Saberion-Media-EngineWe were at the Cinnamon Grand a few weeks back for the ceremonial launch of the Saberion Media Engine. Saberion is a boutique interactive agency with its marketing offices in Colombo and Melbourne. They were appointed as a Consulting and Implementation Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS) a couple of years back; and today they have been able to develop a content management system (CMS) for the media sector utilizing the AWS services to optimize for cost and performance.

Amazon Web Services, better known as AWS is the cloud-computing platform offered by AWS provides a set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run applications and services virtually on the cloud.

It was Shailesh Albuquerque, a solution architect from AWS on a briefing what AWS is, its strengths and what it offers. First off he introduced the audience to cloud computing. He stated that it’s the exponential complexity driving IT needs that makes businesses to migrate into the cloud. Gone are the days when you did things locally.

You have to adopt, you have to be agile. It’s about crafting an end to end pipeline. – Shailesh Albuquerque

It’s expensive. You will have to go through a considerable process and time to scale. Reliability too becomes an issue at times. But if one make use of the true power of cloud computing, ye will have answers to many of those questions. What AWS got for you other than that; Monetization of content, low cost and scalability.

All these are possible only on cloud. That’s why media moves into cloud. – Shailesh Albuquerque

Well, the most popular question when you speak of cloud; Security. Shailesh didn’t forget to mention about the certifications and compliances that AWS has with policy makers and regulatory bodies. He then shared a few case studies from their well-known clients such as Sony MCS and Netflix.

“S3, an extremely redundant storage. You can start from as low as 5GB” S3 is AWS’s cloud storage that they claim is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. There is no minimum fee and no setup cost. You pay only for the storage you actually use.

Every service is scalable, you can scale up or scale down when you don’t need it anymore.  – Shailesh Albuquerque

The best example is the case study of NDTV, with 13 billion hits coming in they have had to scale up the services by 26 times for 8 hours.

Saberion Media Engine

Next up on stage was Mufaddal Lukmanjee, the CEO of Saberion.


You need to architect your infrastructure to get the best out of the cloud. Just moving your website onto AWS will not work. – Mufaddal Lukmanjee

He outlined the current pain points that media face in when it comes to delivering content. Critical ones being the use of multiple different platforms or tools across and within the organizations which makes it lack the uniformity and the huge amount of custom development that is necessary when it comes to delivering content to multiple devices. This is why Saberion has stepped forward in the intention to find a solution. The end result; Saberion Media Engine. “A general platform using AWS, where anyone could understand it just like Facebook.”

As the Saberion Media Engine is based on top of the foundation of AWS, the use of APIs will be a very lean way to pull data. The Media Engine features a simple interface just like what you get from other major CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. It has an easy to use WYSIWYG editor and an Ad Manager along with several other features and components. Speaking with ReadMe, Mufaddal said that they went through a whole process of redesign recently to optimize the User Experience of the Media Engine.


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