Axienta Lands Major John Keells Contract


Axienta, a software outfit based in Walukaramaya Road, Colombo, generally keeps a fairly low profile as far as the media is concerned. Nevertheless, they’ve landed two of the largest brands in the country: Elephant House and Keells Foods. They’ve apparently implemented a dealer management system across some 230 dealerships. Details are sketchy, but going by the pitch, said system handles everything from inventory to debt collection to sales forecasting to delivery routes and schedules.

Axienta’s sales force solutions have seen service in a number of large companies – Hemas, Orange Electric and Cargills Millers being some of them. Everything is built on a proprietary platform called Vantage. The customer head office is at the center of a network of distributors and sales agents; transactions are synced over 3G.

“We were on the lookout for a solutions provider to develop from scratch a system that served our unique needs,” Nalaka Umagiliya, JKH’s Head of Business Systems for Consumer Foods and Retail, is reported to have said. “We ultimately chose Axienta as they clearly possessed technical and process capabilities that we were looking for.”

It’s a huge win for Axienta as well – Elephant House and Keells Foods are two of the biggest arms of of John Keells’ massive business operations.



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