A space for pregnant mothers in Sri Lanka?


Now this newsbite might seem a little alien to our site, but its a commendable new online startup targeting pregnant mothers? Yes. Most parents immediately feel anxious about the thought of having a baby. It is now very common to search online for answers to most of the pressing questions about having a baby. Well., apparently! And most information on these topics are still related to European mothers, and we’re missing the “Ape Amma” touch. is a website dedicated to pregnancy information and baby care information with a Sri Lankan flavour touching on culture, beliefs, and traditions wherever they can be addressed. BabySpace Sri Lanka is apparently one of the handful of websites in Sri Lanka to deliver pregnancy and baby care information through online publishing.

The articles on this site are written by individuals from around the country, who are frequently in touch with the subject. In contrast to the numerous websites we found on the internet, BabySpace Sri Lanka attempts to be unique by targeting the Sri Lankan community as a whole by providing information on what Sri Lankan mothers and fathers should be knowing. You could find information varying from pre pregnancy counselling, practical parenting and signs of when to pack up and run to the hospital!

There are useful tools for parents trying to get pregnant like, well., the ovulation calculator, and  a due date calculator. Those interested can sign up for weekly newsletters telling them what to expect and what exactly they should get to know from the doctor. The baby care information, immunization calendar along with baby’s development milestones helps to keep track on things in a more methodical manner with regard to the new born.

As experts on the matter will be constantly involved in the site, the articles will be invariably checked and rechecked to distinguish what content suits the audience before they’re published. This ensures that BabySpace provides reliable information relating to each topic. Individuals who visit the site also have the opportunity to post their questions on each article, to which the experts will reply.

The BabySpace “Community Section” is available to make the members feel more homely by being able to share experiences with like-minded parents. As there’s a growing interest on the subject (we didn’t know this!) BabySpace Sri Lanka hopes to expand their boundaries by translating the information gathered into Sinhala and Tamil. Furthermore, they also seem to be working on introducing a blog within the next three months so that guest bloggers can join their network to share interesting and valuable facts and experiences with other readers.

If you’re pregnant or will be anytime soon you can register at or give them a shout at [email protected]


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  1. Women who use a lot of the common pain reliever Paracetamol during pregnancy may be more likely to have children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than those who don’t use the drug.


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