Meet the Baggizmo Smart Wallet


If you recall, we wrote about a smart bag called Baggizmo developed by a Croatian company. Now the startup has launched their second product. Called the Baggizmo Wiseward smartwallet, the device is similar to another smart wallet we wrote about a few weeks back.

What exactly is the Baggizmo Wiseward smartwallet?

Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory. This is a smartwallet that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. In addition, the Baggizmo Wiseward has a number of really cool features. For starters, it has integrated RFID protection to protect your credit and debit cards against illegally collecting your data from contactless bank cards.

Baggizmo Wiseward
The Baggizmo Wiseward Smart Wallet
Image Credits: Kickstarter

Simultaneously, the Wiseward has implemented the RFID protection in such a manner that the wallet is actually compartmentalized into two sections: one where you can keep your important cards that need protection and those that do not. As an example, the cards you use for opening your garage, or for transport can be kept in the less important section and the cards such as Credit, Debit and social security or NIC can be kept in the important section.

If you drop your wallet, for example, the inbuilt accelerometer in the Baggizmo Wiseward detect it and send a notification via the mobile app. Once paired with your smartphone, the Baggizmo Wiseward will generate an alarm if the wallet goes out of range of your smartphone. It also works the other way around. Simply press a certain point on the wallet and the app will issue a sound notification on your cell phone. The wallet also has a tiny UV light on its inner pocket which can be used to identify original and counterfeit bank notes.

Baggizmo Wiseward
The Baggizmo smart bag along with the Baggizmo Wiseward
Image Credits: LinkedIn

If you are in an area that has dull lighting, an RGB LED is also integrated into the wallet, enabling you to shed some light on things with the color of your choice. A magnetic sensor is located inside the wallet that can detect the opening of the wallet along with an NFP chip that can be programmed with your cell phone. Further customization and personalization can be carried out via the mobile app.

I’m pretty sure that the concept of charging your wallet would take some getting used to. That being said, the batteries for Baggizmo Wiseward can be recharged wirelessly by chargers that support the Qi standard.

As of the 14th of July 2017, the Baggizmo Wiseward has ended their campaign as they have acquired the necessary investment needed. The Baggizmo Wiseward will cost USD $95 and is available to order here.

Would you want a Baggizmo Wiseward smart wallet for yourself? Let us know in the comments below.


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