Batteriser Attempts To Get More Juice From Your Batteries


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Batteries. We use them in almost each and every gadget that we own. From cameras to voice recorders, flashlights, toys and everything in between, they are even found in cordless mice and keyboards. The problem starts however, when they run out of juice and need to be replaced. This can lead to a wastage that is not only economically unsound, but unhealthy too.

Enter Batteriser, a device whose sole purpose in life is to keep your batteries juiced up. According to the campaign on BackerJack, we tend to use only around 20% of an alkaline battery’s energy before we deem it unusable. The device is an ultra-thin sleeve with a miniscule amount of circuitry that is able to extend the life of the battery by regulating its voltage. In a demonstration shown, a regular flashlight was able to maintain its output far longer with Batteriser than it usually could.

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The sleeves are available for AAA, AA, C and D type cells and also come in a protective case, possibly due to the circuitry’s fragile nature. The 9-volt cell would be retrofitted to this later on. The company, based in Sunnyvale, California are currently seeking to raise $30,000 via Indiegogo by the 25th of August. For $20, early birds can get their hands on four AAA- and AA-sized battery sleeves by November.

There are those who cry foul though, with at least one comment left saying that the whole thing is a fraud. If the project is successful, the technology could be a pioneer in the way disposable batteries are used.

Then you get major battery brands who won’t be happy about this and would look for methods to incorporate this technology into their own products, but even so, Batteriser would be reusable. At a projected price of around $2.50, the cost of one can be easily recovered.

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