Behold the Kairos Smartwatch



Behold this watch.

It’s a beautiful watch, isn’t it? However looks can be deceiving. One minute you’ll be admiring the lovely mechanical details of this watch, and then in the next minute – this happens: Say hello to the Kairos Watch. It wouldn’t look out of place in a Mission Impossible movie, especially in one of those scenes where Tom Cruise is at an ultra-glamorous party. Produced by a Korean start-up with the same name, a Kairos Watch by default has a clear glass screen looking into a decidedly Swiss-looking mechanical watch-face. Once you’ve tethered your smartphone, however, the overlay pops up. From this point on, it’s a smartwatch. There are two types of the Kairos watch: the MSW 115 models, which are equipped with a Miyota Japanese Movement, and the SSW 158 models which are equipped with a certified SWISS Movement from SOPROD. You can view the all of the different models here. Along with Swiss grade mechanical internals, a Kairos watch also packs

  • A USB rechargeable 180mAh battery (rated to last five to seven days of regular use, along with a 42 hour power reserve for the mechanical parts).
  • Bluetooth
  • Likely an ARM Arm Cortex M4 processor (possibly an Intel processor in some models)
  • Either a  TOLED (Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode) display that offers 40% transparency or an ICON Type Transparent Display that offers 60% transparency but only shows static icons, numbers and text
  • A touch sensor
  • A 3-axis accelerometer with gesture detection and a gyroscope

As for the operating system, a Kairos watch will either be running Android Wear or Kairos OS, which is said to be compatible with not just Android, but iOS and Windows Phone as well. We’re waiting for clear word on this. 3 Speaking at Startup Asia Singapore 2014, Sam Yang, one of the founders of Kairos, said that Kairos Watches aren’t aimed at the average smartwatch fan. They’re to be sold at luxury watch shops and are aimed at horologists (read: watch enthusiasts), who despite having a nice shiny Rolex may want to enjoy the benefits of a smartwatch. We’ve been skeptical of most smartwatches in the past (they tend to be rather ‘meh’ in the design department) but this one certainly looks classy enough to wear to dinner at a posh restaurant. So how much will one of these lovely smartwatches set you back? Around US$1,100 which isn’t all that surprising. Pre-order it now and you get an early bird discount. Currently, Kairo Watches are set to hit production in September this year, so you if do decide to pre-order one, you can expect it around December. Home in time for Christmas. We wish the Karios team the best of luck and hope to see their product soon – because this might just be the most beautiful smart watch we’ve ever seen.



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