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Good morning, everybody. This is the Readme team blogging from the Open University of Sri Lanka, where  the Inter-University Enterprise Mobility Software Development competition has just kicked off.  This competition is an annual event brought together by Motorola and SLASSCOM, where teams of university students compete to develop the best solution to an identified need in the industry. Motorola provides them with the training and tools (yes, those awesome indestructible EDAs include), and the best ideas rise to the surface. The winners take home cash prizes, and that’s not mentioning the extensive Motorola-certified training they’ll have received – from what we’ve seen Motorola has invested over Rs 1.5 million in organizing – that’s in terms of money alone.

Right now, the US Ambassador to Maldives and Sri Lanka, Michele J. Sison, has delivered a hearty speech encouraging students to innovate, and it has begun. The members of the head table – quite a few notable names there – are approaching the first stall….

Today’s event is, in true science-fair fashion, a combination competition and exhibition. There’s 18 stalls here, each of them housing a different team from universities all over the map – we’re seeing Ruhuna, Peradniya, Kelaniya, even private uni’s like APIIT in here. It’s not all hardcore geeks and bedroom coders in the teams – yes, there’s girls here too. Surprised? Don’t be. Following the US. Ambassador’s hearty encouragement to innovate , the judges have begun touring the stalls. We’re touring the stalls, too. Our live blog of everything that happens here today is at



  1. I went for their launch at UCSC but not very impressed because they were talking all about windows mobile base system. Believe be the word “Android” & “iOS” wasn’t mention more than couple of time. Being Mobile Enterprise Competition that was very sad situation for people who work with the latest technologies. 🙁

  2. Unfortunately the current enterprise mobility eco system has a limited number of Android and iOS devices. Majority of the devices are based on Windows CE and Windows mobile. One has to understand enterprise mobility and consumer mobile applications are two different things. Android is slowly gaining traction in this sector but the adoption rate is slow. In future competitions I am sure we will see more Android based enterprise applications.

  3. Super event. Saw so many emerging talents and conceptual demos. Hats off for Motorola, SLAASCOM and the rest! Good luck.

    ** Inviting Min. S.B was a bad idea, someone who would be really interested in investing like anyone from Angel Networks, , would have been better. SB on my point of view is not great, a person who can’ even resolve a simple uni problem. In other words some educated person, even GL Peies would have been better.

  4. Yea, inviting SB spoilt the whole awesome event! Apart from that all was great. Thumbs up!!! Inviting a real investor, or a team would have helped us more, to market the product. I don’t even think he understood half of the English we spoke :\ (Confused face)


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