BitTorrent’s Bleep app launches publicly for Android, iOS, and Windows


BitTorrent, the popular P2P file sharing app debuted its own encrypted P2P chat app. Called “Bleep”, the app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac from

Initially known as BitTorrent Chat, Bleep was in private alpha from July 2014 for Windows 7 and Windows 8. It was later released as a public alpha in September 2014 for Android and OS X. The latest release brings it to iOS and also does away with the alpha tag on all platforms. So essentially, that’s a big “No” to the beta phase, and a “YES” straight onward to a public release.

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In addition, the developers have also added a new whisper function both mobile and desktop variants of the app which lets you send temporary messages (they disappear after 25 seconds). It even includes basic screenshot protection, where either nicknames or text are blocked out so it’s not clear who said what.

As for more features, we can expect full multi-device support where messages will eventually be synced across all your devices and even the possibility of group chats.

The basic features of Bleep will be free for consumers, but there is a possibility that new features may incur costs but nothing is set in stone yet. BitTorrent is also aiming to license the app to businesses. This will include a separate SDK and APIs, as well as private relationships with select partners.

With the messaging space already saturated, a new app is not really something that gets users excited, especially in terms of encrypted apps. That being said though, BitTorrent saw 200,000 installs of Bleep since the alpha launch and they’re hoping for that number to become millions. Quite a optimistic outlook.


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