In Business: 99X wins Gold, Sri Lanka’s Data Center Specialist


On the business front, 99X Technology, a local software product company that mostly caters to a European market, was lauded for its notable contribution to the Sri Lankan economy when it cinched a Gold Award in the Export of Business and Professional Services Sector (large category) at the 22nd Export Awards for 2013.


The annual Export Awards, for those not in the know, is an event by the National Chamber of Exporters, which awards excellence and contribution to the Lankan economy.


Meanwhile, Tharindu Meepegama, Founder of IDawn Technologies, became the first Sri Lankan to achieve the TIA-942 Design Consultant and Internal Auditor certification. If that sounds a bit arcane, it is. Meepegama is one of less than ten people in the world to hold this qualification. The TIA-942 Standard itself is the first of its kind in the world, designed specifically to address the design data center infrastructure. It’s right in his field, considering iDawn is in the business of building tech infrastructure for clients.


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