Calling all entrepreneurs: CMBhack is back online



Here’s a great shot for all ye entrepreneurs and fledgling startups out there. The folk at Yamu and have resurrected the cmbhack – an intense 24-hour marathon session where you get together with a bunch of like-minded individuals, form a team and build a prototype in 24 hours. The grand prize? Winners qualify to compete in Venture Engine, the funding program by Blue Ocean Ventures.

This Cmbhack kicks off on Friday, the 30 of May, 2014, at 5:00 PM at Orion City. Yes, that’s tomorrow. Expect to be up until Saturday evening.

There’s no entry requirement – enthusiasts, developers, designers, marketers, managers or just about anyone with a idea for a good product or business are welcome. The previous cmbhack gave rise to two great startups – Takas and Yamu themselves – so it’s great to see the love being handed down to the next generation.

A fair warning: there’s no coding involved. There is, however, a lot of pitching. Come in with a team, ideally – and, as the organizers say, bring your best pitching voice, because your success depends a great deal on your convincing people that it’s worth investing in. Brush up them elevator pitching skills, or grab a friend who has them. It’s come in very, very handy.

Apply here at their page!


  1. What do you mean there’s no coding involved? How would they build the product that they have the idea for, without the ability to code?


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