What Can You Do With 10GB of RAM in The Vivo Xplay7?


If you’re a PC enthusiast and you were looking to add more RAM to your laptop or Desktop, then you probably would have noticed that RAM prices have skyrocketed. This is largely due to the fact that manufacturers of RAM chips are now focusing their attention on fulfilling the need to add more RAM to smartphones rather than desktops and laptops.

With the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 due next month, you would think that this would be the flagship to end all flagships. Well, you might just be wrong. Have you heard of Vivo? Well if you have, then this is about them. If you haven’t, well Vivo is a mobile phone manufacturer who stepped into the market around the year 2009. In 2012, the company launched the Vivo X1 and launched the world’s fist 2k resolution phone, the Xplay3s back in 2013.

Vivo Xplay7
Leaked images of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9 (Image Credits: The Verge)

Meet the Vivo Xplay7

This is where things get interesting. Vivo seems to be readying up to launch a flagship smartphone to trade blows with all the big boys in the market and then some. Supposedly called the Vivo Xplay7, the smartphone would feature an all screen display with almost no bezels at all. It would also incorporate a fingerprint sensor located within the screen itself. Now here’s the kicker. The Vivo Xplay7 would pack 512GB of onboard storage (cue jaw drop here) and a whopping 10GB of RAM. Yes, that Ten Gigabytes of RAM.

Vivo Xplay7
The Vivo Xplay7 in all its glory (Image Credits:: GizmoChina)

What on earth one would need with 10GB of RAM is questionable but whatever you can throw at it, the Vivo Xplay7 is capable of handling it. Just for comparison, my PC at home has 8GB of RAM and I happily multitask with no performance lag at all.

What’s the catch?

Well, for starters, it’s only a rumor for now. Vivo might launch it, but then again, they may scrap it altogether. If the rumors are true and the Vivo Xplay7 does see the light of day, then it would only see said light in China. So unless you happen to live in China, chances are that you won’t see the Vivo Xplay7 in any other mobile phone market.

What else does the Vivo Xplay7 bring to the party?

Apart from the mindboggling 10GB of RAM (which we still can’t wrap our heads around), the Vivo Xplay7 would also be running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor which would pretty much become standard for all 2018 flagship smartphones. It would also pack a dual lens camera with IMX Sony sensors capable of going up to 4x in terms of optical zoom.

Vivo Xplay7
The Vivo Xplay7 features a fingerprint sensor located under the display (Image Credits:

Looking at leaked renders of the phone, you can see that Vivo has indeed pulled out all the stops on the Vivo Xplay7. According to said leaked images, the Vivo Xplay7 would be available in Black, Champagne Gold and Rose Gold. The unibody which we assume is aluminum would also house a 92.9% screen-to-body ratio means that you essentially have the entire front of the phone as a display. Speaking of display, the Vivo Xplay7 would pack a 4K OLED display, because why not? Right?

Vivo Xplay7
Dual speakers, a 3.5mm audio port and a USB type C port? (Image Credits:: GizmoChina)

The 18:9 aspect ratio (essentially 2:1) gives you more screen estate to work with while also being easy to handle and not worry about carrying around a large block in your pocket. We also noted that the Vivo Xplay7 seems to pack dual speakers, a USB Type-C port and also a 3.5mm audio jack.

Why 10GB of RAM though?

This is actually a pretty good question. While most smartphones seem to have 3-4GB of RAM, they work perfectly fine. For example, my OnePlus 2 which I’ve been using for almost a year and a half has no issues with multitasking. I usually run a number of apps and I constantly switch between Facebook. Instagram, Pokemon Go, Calcy IV (to check the stats of the Pokemon I’ve caught) and I even play Need for Speed No Limits if I’m really bored. With all that, I still have around 300-400MB of RAM free.

So what can I do with 10GB? Well, mostly nothing. Given that a PC with 8GB of RAM can run pretty much anything with no issues, the reasoning behind adding 10GB of RAM (apart from bragging rights) seems to be completely pointless.

Can Vivo content with other Flagships of 2018?

All things considered, would this be the smartphone to end all smartphones? Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see. Thus far Vivo has not issued a launch date or price for the Vivo Xplay7.


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