Can You See Incoming Calls With Your New iPhone X?


Well if you can, then consider yourself lucky. According to Apple, a bug has been identified in the company’s latest flagship, the iPhone X. While it’s not a literal tiny creature wreaking havoc in the $999 device, it is equally troubling.

What does the bug do for the iPhone X?

The bug deals with the iPhone X’s ability to receive phone calls. Accordingly, if you have an iPhone X that has said bug in it, you will essentially get delayed incoming calls. So your phone would ring, but you wouldn’t see any details of who the caller is or whether in fact, it is a phone call or not.

iPhone X
You could be getting a call and not even know about it (Image Credits: CNET)

This can be especially troublesome if you are at a formal event and you forget to switch your device off or set it to silent mode. Your phone suddenly starts to ring with no rhyme or reason and you can’t see if it’s a phone call or your phone being haunted. You can’t really answer the call or decline the call either because those buttons don’t appear as well. Overall, it’s quite a pesky bug to have, especially on a flagship device.

What’s Apple doing about it?

Thus far, Apple says they are looking into the matter to solve it. Though no bug fix of software update has been issued yet to address and solve the problem, some users have apparently been able to get a temporary fix by reinstalling their iOS version via iTunes. The bug seems to have been affecting iPhone X users since last December, according to posts made on Apple’s support forum.

This isn’t the first bug for the iPhone X either

The incoming call bug is amongst a number of other bugs that have plagued the iPhone X since its initial launch. In November 2017, users reported that their iPhone X screens became unresponsive in cold weather. According to Apple, the company identified the problem stating that the iPhone X screen becomes temporarily unresponsive after a rapid change to cold weather. They also went onto say that the screen becomes fully responsive after a few seconds. Adding to this, the company also released a software update for the iPhone X.

iPhone X
The iPhone X display would become unresponsive following a rapid temperature shift (Image Credits: TheNextWeb)

The next problem was dubbed the “green line of death”. This was literally a green line that went across the edge of the iPhone X’s display. While not exactly noticeable on a bright wallpaper, it was quite annoying on a dark/black wallpaper, especially given the Super AMOLED display.

iPhone X
The iPhone X also developed a strange green line across the edge of the display (Image Credits: TechCrunch)

All in all, while the iPhone X does look really good (I’ve used one), these bugs can get rather annoying, especially given how much you’re paying for the device and the somewhat questionable support we get from Sri Lankan resellers.


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