Candy Crush Saga Could Be A Real Game Show


Yes, you read the title correctly. For reasons unknown to the world, CBS has decided to create a live action game show based on the popular Android and iOS game Candy Crush. Just let that sink in for a bit. You have a mobile game that is being turned into a real TV show, with contestants and prizes, and most importantly, Candy Why? No one knows yet.

Candy Crush
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CBS hasn’t gone to the extent of revealing anything specific as such as how the game works or what rewards await the winners of the game. As far as the plot goes, I assume it would be pretty straightforward: Crush all the candy.

What they did however say is that teams of two people will engage in competition over the duration of an hour. These contestants will be required to use their wits and physical agility to move forward on giant interactive game boards featuring next generation technology. What this next generation technology is remains to be seen.

With regard to production, Lionsgate and King will collaborate with CBS Television Distribution handling US distribution of the programme. Lionsgate will handle international distribution. The show will be the production of Matt Kunitz, who has been the producer behind shows such as Wipeout and Fear Factor.

According to Kunitz, Candy Crush can be seen as a larger-than-life, physical game show that would also involve a lot of action and visuals in the game’s “Candy Crush Arena.”

Despite this looking to the perfect opportunity for a licensing deal for King, who are the developers of both Candy Crush Saga and the latest iteration Candy Crush Soda Saga, there has been a decline in revenues for the game. At the beginning of 2016, Candy Crush was ranked around the 70’s area in terms of top Overall free applications on the Apple App Store, As of now it’s somewhere in the region of the 130’s. At the beginning of 2015, it was in the top 30’s.

As much as it pains me to say this, I feel a little intrigued on as to what the show would look like. CBS has not announced the premiere date for the new show. So I guess we’ll just have to wait (and perhaps even play a game of Candy Crush to pass the time).

You could also check out the Official Fake Trailer of Candy Crush: The Movie created by Youtuber Nigahiga as well.


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