Charging Cables Never Looked This Good


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No one really bats an eyelid about the charging cables that they use. Buy a new phone and the charge that comes with it is usually taken from granted. It just sits there, its purpose in life simply to charge our devices when required. That’s about it. But what if that’s all about to change?

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Enter Esbee Cables. A startup that has one goal. To make you love your charging cable as much as you love your smartphone. How? Well, they claim to make the world’s first leather charging cable. So not only does it have a premium look, it’s also extremely durable.

As with any startup, the project is on Kickstarter. The campaign has already raised US$3,345 from a US$15,000 goal. The entire campaign will run for another 36 days and the minimum pledge to get one is US$24.

The cable itself isn’t your ordinary cable either. Consisting of five layers of insulation (the industry standard is three), the cable is also apparently 60% thicker than the regular cables and offers faster charging. The connector pins themselves are gold plated and are designed to withstand resistance to corrosion.

Image taken from
Image taken from

Even though the main highlight of the cable is undoubtedly the technology that goes into it, the cable alone has a certain aesthetic appeal to it. With a covering handmade from high-quality leather, and an option of classic hide or vibrant suede, coupled with a number of different colors to choose from, the production of the cable is under stringent quality control. Manufactured first in china, the cable is then shipped to Pakistan for its external leather casing after which the finished product is sent to the primary market in the US.


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