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Video Courtesy: CIMA Students’ Society & HiStory

So the proverb goes as “All good things must come to an end”, CIMA Launch Pad 2015 also concluded on the last 1st of November. If you kept an eye on the tag CIMA on ReadMe, you might have seen that we wrote to you what happened at Launch Pad during the past month.

For a quick recap, CIMA Launch Pad is an initiative by the CIMA Students’ Society to nurture the entrepreneurial thinking among the youth of Sri Lanka. It’s simple, all you had to do was to come up with an idea, either of a purely business nature or a social enterprise. Well, the competition was not so simple, though. Want to know more what happened before? For a more detailed version of the recap, Click Here.

The ReadMe team was at JAIC Hilton Colombo, a not so strange place for Launch Pad. Respecting our traditions, things started with the lighting of the oil lamp and Ms. Hasanji Ellawala, the President of CIMA Students’ Society welcoming the gathering.

From Left: Mr. Thulci Aluwihare, Mr. Dilan Gooneratne and Mr. Ruwindhu Peiris
Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

The judges for the evening who evaluated the contestants of the business category were welcomed to take the seats. The panel was Mr. Dilan Gooneratne, the Board Director of MAS Apparel, Mr. Thulci Aluwihare, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at PwC and Mr. Ruwindhu Peiris, the Managing Director at Stax Inc.

Let the Game Begin

The event began with the finals for the business category. But top 4 teams were already selected based on the business proposal they submitted. As usual they had to pitch and then face the Q&A.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the pitches.


Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

The first pitch for the evening was by Team Alpha. Their product, or rather the business is a subscription based medicine delivery service. They are planning to host a website where the customers could register and create their profiles. Here the customers have to scan and upload their prescriptions. Based on those, the delivery team will then deliver the meds to the customer.

They have priced the subscription at LKR 2000 per year. The concept revolves around a smart dosage box, a box that will give you the dose of pills at the set times and which will be given free to customers.

During the 5year plan, they plan to release an app and the FastMed wristband, a wearable health band.

Body Sculpt

Here’s a health and fitness center, but not ye average type one. This is because Body Sculpt plans to incorporate a warehouse environment where clients can freely and effectively workout and engage in fitness activities.

Body sculpt-cima
Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

The center will feature a cross fit, a climbing wall and a fitness class. The key factor what sets them apart from the normal gyms, as they say, is the personalized training that they will offer. The team also plans to start a clothing line, a nutrition line, a wristband and most importantly an in-house nutrition bar; where you could buy healthy foods and drinks.

Currently, the team is planning to build it somewhere around Dehiwala, so if you happen to be a gymaholic and live nearby, maybe worth keeping an eye.

Did we say food? Yes, we did. From the team Infinity comes, a platform that allows anyone with a passion for cooking to sell their dishes to customers who prefer to have home cooked meals and products. It’s basically a website which follows the motto, ‘take my money and give my food’ style.
Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

They have come up with 2 strategies, supplying lunch packets for the offices and what they call as the ‘easy diner strategy’. The second is the more common one that many would be using. Interestingly the team plans to spend 50% of their funding on marketing. Why? Because they do believe that it has a direct co-relation with the sales.

They have already started working. At the time of writing, their landing page says that they will be live in less than 43 days. Until then, you could drop a like and follow their Facebook page.


What if we say that they are here to make the queues at shopping malls extinct?  It’s a big concept, but putting things in the simplest way possible; TrekThru is a mobile app, which you can use to scan a product and simply buy it from the app itself.

This is done by maintaining a virtual shopping cart. The team also plans to introduce the TrekThru kiosk which will then automatically check whether the goods in your actual cart tallies up with your virtual shopping cart.

Their mission here is to revolutionize your retail shopping experience. Welcome to the future.

Trek thru-cima
Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

Social Category Presentations

With that, we came to end of the business pitches. Next on the schedule was an entertainment segment, time for some soothing music after some money talks. Right after started the presentations by the social finalists, the top 4. It was just the presentations and no judging happened today for them.

Innovation Lab

Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

Say hello to iLab. This is a team that consists of members from the initiative Without Borders. Their idea revolves around uplifting English, Motivational & Capacity Building skills and IT related skills in children living in rural villages.

Through this initiative, they aim to create 20 employable citizens annually which according to their calculations would bring in an additional income of LKR 1,750,000 to the community. More importantly, they believe that this would be an alleviation of the social issues.

Knowledge on Wheels

Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

Meet KnOW. Yet another innovative concept, this is a bus which is also a computer laboratory and a mobile office. Their project will be centered in Maradana targeting the kids from underprivileged families.

The first phase which is the IT lab is based on the concept of unrestricted learning access. Kids are allowed freely to do self-studies. The next phase, the mobile office; which is actually the social enterprise side of the project. Here the kids will be given the chance to work on development projects which they will be paid for.

Life Beyond the Wheels

An interesting project that we would love to see being executed. Life Beyond the Wheels is an initiative aimed at reducing the contradictory status among traditional and non-traditional professions. Their Focus group; Tuk Tuk drivers. Isn’t it legit? Many of us have a very bad impression on them. But why? Aren’t they also human? Well, the Millenials are addressing a very important topic.

The Millennials-cima
Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

How do they do it? It is a well-known fact that tourists love Tuks. That’s exactly where they start. They are a social enterprise in the form of a taxi agency in which they are working to uplift the social status of Tuk Tuk drivers. The strategy is to add value to the existing service and professionalize them.


Can experiences be sold? Well, these guys think so. Tripper is all about providing tourists with customized and authentic travel experiences. It’s not just about taking them to Sigiriya or Jaffna, the concept is much deeper. What are these experiences we are talking about? It’s like the chance where you get to use a weaving loom. Isn’t that one of a kind experience rather than just traveling?

The way that they are going to do this is by collaborating local artists and talents, professionals from different backgrounds and young Sri Lankans interested in tourism.

Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

Can We have the Winners Please?

Mr. Vipula Gunatilleka the Chairman of the CIMA Sri Lanka Board was the chief guest for CIMA Launch Pad 2015. After his short speech, we had Mr. Dilan Gooneratne representing the panel of judges, sharing his views about the competition.
It wasn’t just a single day event, all throughout the past month were significant steps which lead to the Grand Finale. Tokens of appreciation were presented to all who helped bring CIMA Launch Pad 2015 to a success. Afterwards, it was the moment we were all waiting for: the awards ceremony.

Winner of the Social Category: Team Tripper

Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

We would like to congratulate Mr. Ahmed Arqam Azhar and Ms. Uliana Nikolaeva from Team Tripper.

2nd Place: iLabs

3rd Place: Team Millennials

4th Place: KnOW

Winner of the Business Category:

Photo Courtesy: Oshadi Prabhashika

Wishing you all the very best to Ms. Sashini Gurusinha, Mr. Pasindu D. Jayawardene and Ms. Jessica Yogini Yoganantham; the team at

2nd Place: Team Alpha

3rd Place: TrekThru

4th Place: Body Sculpt

With the vote of thanks by Mr. Abdul Baasit the Project Chairman, CIMA Launch Pad 2015 the event concluded and the gathering were followed to the dinner. We look forward to seeing these startups in action as well as to the CIMA Launch Pad 2016.



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