Chronicling Cutting Edge 2015 Organized By IIT – Day 02


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We were back again at IIT for the second and final day of Cutting Edge 2015. The projects were mainly from the first, second and final year students of both batches with the third year students taking a hiatus as they’re taking part in internships to prepare themselves for the final year of the programmes. Thus far we had seen some pretty interesting projects from students from both Software engineering and Business management batches. They ranged from the practical applications such as an app to check if you’re being charged the correct amount by Tuks, to more theoretical applications such as a device to measure the power consumption of electrical appliances and even a cookie for those suffering from Diabetes.

The second and final day marks the last day that students had to showcase their projects and was also the day that would hold the award ceremony as well.

As it was with day one, we ran through some of the projects that we found interesting. These are a mixture of 2nd Year ISBM and Software engineering students and as well as final year students from both batches.

  • Cloudified Brand Investigator – This is a cloud based web-app to simplfy brand analysis. Utilizing features of Salesforce which is a cloud computing company, the system is aimed at FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Organizations. According to research done by the student, FMCG organizations store all relevant details in Microsoft Excel sheets. This can be problematic and hassling when it comes to sorting through data. The proposed system can import the data from said Excel document and process it accordingly. From that point onwards, the company can use it to generate various reports, charts and graphs depending on their requirement. This also helps with sales forecasting and logistics.
Photo Credits - Mazin Hussain
Photo Credits – Mazin Hussain
  • VirtualHome – You want to build your dream home or renovate part of your home or you simply want to add more furniture to it but you’re not sure how it will look. Well, this is a startup company provides a web based platform where you can create a virtual model of your house to do just that. The platform contains a database of all furniture, fixtures and everything else (including the kitchen sink) which are available to purchase through all local vendors. Once your model is made, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping any piece of furniture or fixture on to the model to preview what It would look like. As for future developments, they also have plans to incorporate Virtual Reality via Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens.
Photo Credits - Mazin Hussain
Photo Credits – Mazin Hussain
  • Samodh Soft Solutions – Stylized as “SSS”, this study focused on the barriers to the exportations in the Sri Lanka’s apparel industry. It’s basically a platform to connect exports with SSS employees in order to hand over all manual tasks carried out at regulatory agencies such as Sri Lanka Customs. These barriers generally are hassling and are beyond the control of exporters. According to the research, some of the problems are the renewal of customs VAT Registration, CUSDEC (Customs Declarations) problems (where the CUSDEC Form is modified after being filled out), goods clearance at Customs and even space booking at airlines and shipping lines. The proposed solution will do away with all these issues by acting as the middle man between the exporter and interested parties in order to make operations go as smooth as possible.
Photo Credits - Mazin Hussain
Photo Credits – Mazin Hussain
  • Arteriam – This deals with safeguarding our loved ones. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart, no not about relationships, but heart attacks. According to research done, a significant amount of deaths in Sri Lanka are due to heart attacks and the negligence following one. Ideally, the patient should be taken to a doctor within what it referred to as the “golden hour” or rather within a period no later than one hour since the attack in order to ensure proper heart functionality and to ensure that there are not injuries to the heart muscle. Failure to do so could result in tragic repercussions. The solution? A wearable that has an inbuilt ECG feature and warns of a possible heart attack. Initially developed as a wristband, it was later redesigned to work as a wearable on both shoulders as it offers a higher level of accuracy. As stated, the device will monitor the wearer heart beat and alert you if an irregularity is detected. Future plans for the device also include the ability to monitor emotions. The sensors used for the device were developed specifically by Pessey and thus tend to be on the expensive side. But with proper funding and sponsorships, the team plan to take Areriam further and make it commercially available to all.
Photo Credits - Mazin Hussain
Photo Credits – Mazin Hussain
  • GetEmployed – A long term solution to reduce unemployment in Sri Lanka. According to te research carried out by the student, Sri Lanka has a mismatch of skills in the labor market. In addition, educational institutes and training facilities do not have the required training skills for demanded job. The solution is GetEmployed, a system that can be used to train individuals for a certain job. You basically sign up in the system, pass an aptitude test, find a Social Responsible Investor who will sponsor your education for the job and then get employed. From that point onwards, you can begin to pay back your investor. The SRI will fund all training related to your job and ensure that you are competent in all areas required for the job role.
Photo Credits - Mazin Hussain
Photo Credits – Mazin Hussain
  • Safeguard Child – A platform aimed at educating people on child abuse, helping victims of child abuse and identifying potential cases of child abuse. In countries such as Sri Lanka, there is a considerable lack of enforcement for abuse victims. The proposed platform would have a number of Child Protection specialists appointed by the CPA who would be able to identify victims of child abuse either via phone calls or messages. The platform even allows a drawing area as victims of child abuse tend to draw dark sceneries in order to express their feelings. FAQ boards will also be included in the platform where they will be answered by child protection specialists. There are also issues such as prank callers where an estimated 2000 prank calls have been made to the CPA. Special filters have been setup to combat these prank calls. It should also be noted that the platform is made up entirely of WordPress plugins which we found is actually very commendable.
Photo Credits - Mazin Hussain
Photo Credits – Mazin Hussain

All that remained was to wait for the Award Ceremony. The hall on the 5th floor was transformed complete with spotlight attached backdrop and all the bells and whistles. Kamalini Sivagurunathan was called on stage to start off the award ceremony to hand out participating certificates to all teams who took part. The awards for the Cutting Edge 2015 were categorized into “Best Poster” and “Best Project”. So without further ado, these were the teams and individuals who were awarded for their hard work and dedication at Cutting Edge 2015.

Foundation Level

Best Project

  • Mikhi Ultra Toolbox

Software Engineering -1st Year

Best Poster

  • 3rd place – Taxi Station
  • 2nd place – TukCheck
  • 1st Place – Humzearch App
Team TukCheck

Best Project

  • 3rd place – TukCheck
  • 2nd place – Team Innovation
  • 1st Place – Team Reflex

ISBM – 1st Year

Best Poster

  • 3rd place – TeamD2R
  • 2nd Place – Team Metroid
  • 1st Place – Team Smart

Best Project

  • 3rd Place – Team Metroid and Team D2R
  • 2nd Place – Smart Bike
  • 1st place – Team Cookie
Team Cookie
Team Cookie

Software Engineering – 2nd Year

Best Poster

  • 3rd Place – Team Mavericks
  • 2nd Place – Team Spirit Pampers
  • 1st Place – Dimension X

Best Project

  • 3rd place – Team For Future
  • 2nd place – Team Innova
  • 1st Place – Team Druta

ISBM – 2nd Year

Best Poster

  • 3rd Place – Team Safety Popup Outlet
  • 2nd Place – Team Techmacy
  • 1st Plac – Team Eyeris

Best Project

  • 3rd place – Team Recycling Plastic Bottles
  • 2nd Place – Team Stirring Mug and Team Monstra iri (Arteriam)
  • 1st Place – Team VirtualHome
Team VirtualHome
Team VirtualHome

In addition to these awards, awards for the IEEE coding competition held the previous day were also handed out:

  • 3rd place – Royal College
  • 2nd Place – Nalanda College
  • 1st Place – Ananda College.

Once these were handed out, a short entertainment item by a student from IIT followed. He gave an upbeat performance of several Sinhala songs that got the audience’s heads bopping, hands clapping and toes-a-tapping.

With the entertainment item done, next up was an award for iFM – IIT’s own radio network with certificates handed out to 3 representatives of iFM’s network.

Next to be awarded tokens of appreciation were members who had traveled all the way from the University of Westminster to attend Cutting Edge 2015.

It was now time to move on the final awards for the Final Year Students

Software Engineering – Final Year

Best Poster

  • 3rd place – Heshan Sandeepa
  • 2nd Place – H.M.A.B. Herath
  • 1st Place – V. Kugamoorthy

Best Project

  • 3rd Place – Ms. K Jayakumar – Drogo: Aspect weightage allocation using latent factors to a context based sentiment analysis of hotels.
  • 2nd Place – Mr. S.D. Perera – The BunnyRaptor OCR


  • 1st Place – Academic Excellence Award – Mr. M.M.S.G. Senarathne – Platform Independent GUI Development Approach


ISBM – Final Year

Best Poster

  • 3rd Place – Pulse – Mr. Dino Perera


  • 2nd Place – RetireRetirement – Ms. Sanduni Jayamanne
  • 1st Place – E-Retention – Ms. Chamali Perera

Best Project

  • 3rd place – Pulse – Mr. Dino Perera
  • 2nd Place – Project Celeb – Ms. Anchana Ravi
  • 1st Place – E-Retention – Ms. Chamali Perera

With all the awards handed out, all that remained was the vote of thanks which was presented by Naomi Krishnarajah who thanked the faculty, students and all who participated in making the event a success.

As with anything in life, all good things come to an end. This held true especially for the final year students, as this would be the last event they would be involved in. After the event, the students bid each other farewell and they had their share of teary eyes and goodbyes.

For us too, the journey had come to an end. But there was always the promise of tomorrow. We made our way to the exit with the promise that Cutting Edge 2016 would be just over the horizon.


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