Chronicling FIT Future Careers 2015

FIT Future Careers
Photo Courtesy: INTECS

The heading itself might not ring any bells but probably now you deducted that this is something relating to a job fair. We were at the University of Moratuwa. Make sense a bit now? Well in short, you can call it the careers day of the University of Moratuwa. Basically during this day, representatives from multiple companies (in this case, tech companies) visit the University or the College and conduct interviews and hire the fresh undergrads. Also, you may find a couple of different workshops or seminars on various topics mostly revolving around the life that you will step onto after graduation, the work life.

FIT Future Careers 2015 was organized by the Information Technology Society (AKA “INTECS”) of Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa. As INTECS state; the FIT Future Careers 2015 is an initiative to set up a platform for an open and wide-ranging employment opportunities for students whilst enabling the industry to select the best set of employees to suit their requirements.

The event broke down into four sections; the speed mentoring sessions by Brandix i3, the panel discussion, tech talks and the interviews. The interviews were happening parallel to the other segments.

Panel Discussions

Photo Courtesy: Viduranga Wijesooriya

This was a curated panel discussion which involved the contribution from a group of experts and seniors of the industry. The panelists were:

  • Surangana Sarathchandra – VP Software Development, Brandixi3
  • Sampath Tilakumara – Software Architect, MillenniumIT
  • Peter Sjögren – Chairman, Crowderia
  • Thushara Hettihamu – Manager HR Campus Reach Initiatives, Virtusa
  • Ahmed Irfan – Director Insight and Innovation, MAS Bodyline
  • Nuwan Perera – Senior Manager Software Engineering, IFS
  • Thisun Buddika – Technical Team Lead, Codegen

The discussion focused on several vital topics such as: what it is like to be in the Industry out there, what companies expect from undergrads when they are hiring, the do’s and don’ts. Things became much interesting when the discussion turned over into Entrepreneurship. Cutting the opinions short, the panelists highlighted one fact; having entrepreneurial skills in you is a plus point. Don’t misunderstand, entrepreneurship isn’t only about you starting up a company, but you can be an entrepreneur within an organization too. It’s all about mastering various skills like leadership, financial skills, team playing etc. which are the fundamentals in a true entrepreneur. This helps your growth, makes you stand out from the rest.

Moving on to the topic of startups, though it was a very limited time, the auditorium went overflowing with loads of knowledge and inspiration. It’s a fact that Sri Lanka is at an age of startups, they bloom everywhere, but how many of them would survive at least a year? Summarizing what was said; there seem to be two main reasons for failing:

  1. The business model: this is the missing ingredient in the majority of those which fail. Most tech startups just don’t think about the sustainability.
  2. Solving a problem that isn’t practically a problem: this is a common ditch you might fall into when your beautiful mind tries playing games with you. You will definitely feel, that your idea is the most innovative idea that will change the world. Sounds familiar? If yes, you might want to consider about stop loving your idea. Instead, be a critic of it.

Tech Talks

Photo Courtesy: Viduranga Wijesooriya
Photo Courtesy: Viduranga Wijesooriya

“Ten thousand silver bullets”

Technically speaking this wasn’t a tech talk. It was Mr. Lilan Priyashantha a Software Architect from MillenniumIT who took the stage. This was just after the panel discussion and Lilan was making a few changes to the chairs that were up on stage which at first looked awkward in a way. He turned two chairs face to face and sat on one of them. Clueless? Yes, even we were. All this time the audience was busy with their own talks and it went pin drop silence the moment Lilan literally started talking to the empty chair in front of him. He performed a short act, precisely a scene of an interview . This one man show was both humorous but left much to think by yourself.

It all started making sense after all, his whole presentation was highlighting the value of spending time mastering what you do. He took several examples from Kumar Sangakkara to Bill Gates to The Beatles who are perfect depictions to prove his theory. It was a well engaging and interactive session.

Willing to go that extra mile will take you to success. – Lilan Priyashantha

Game Development

This session was conducted by Mr. Niklas Wörmann, the Head of Game Development, Crowderia. It was an introduction to game development where he did a demonstration and a walkthrough of the popular game engine Unity. He also spoke how Unity can be incorporated when creating AR based applications. To break the silence he played a smart trick where anyone who asks a question gets a free Crowderia. Charmingly it did work!

Cyber Security

Next up was Mr. Shihan Annon, Director, EGuardian. He spoke about cyber security as a whole and its industry. He mentioned about what they do at EGuardian and what it takes to become a cyber-security professional. Basically, the skills and mindset.

Brandix i3 Speed Sessions

These were quick sessions, in fact just runs for 10 minutes. Two titles; “Where you Fit in the Tech Industry” and “So you Think you Deserve More?” The first is an exploration of various jobs that are available for you to choose in the industry; not every IT graduate have to be a software engineer yea? The other addresses the right attitudes for techies.

The Job Fair

Photo Courtesy: Himan Gamage
Photo Courtesy: Himan Gamage

Trust us when we say 30 companies… all at your homely place where you spent some of the best times of your life. Is there any better confidence builder than that? Now that’s the best part of events like this. HR guys all the way from big boys to young startups were here. Obviously, Mora is renowned for the finest and smartest engineers so it would probably be one of the best shots to handpick the next faces of one’s company.

Photo Courtesy: Himan Gamage
Photo Courtesy: Himan Gamage

The companies included Brandix i3, CodeGen, Crowderia, Dialog Axiata PLC, Hsenid, IFS R&D International, Leapset, MAS Bodyline, MilleniumIT, Pearson Lanka, EGUARDIAN Lanka, Virtusa, Volume Technology Centre, WSO2, Zone24x7 and a lot more.


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