cliQ by Etisalat: A solution for an internet crazed generation


Let’s face it. We’re an internet crazed generation. Whether its rushing to work on a gloomy Monday morning or having the time of your life on a weekend getaway, the internet is not something we can stay away from for too long. Thanks to our smartphones, we don’t have to. Our smartphones have pretty much become an extension of ourselves now. Recognizing this, companies, particularly the telecom providers constantly make an effort to provide services that revolve around this domain. Today, we’ll be taking a look at one such service. Say hello to cliQ, a mobile app exclusively for Etisalat prepaid customers.

cliQ | Etisalat
Internet is no longer a want, but a necessity for our daily life

What’s cliQ all about?

You’re surfing the internet, going through your Facebook feed, checking your WhatsApp messages, maybe even stream a video or two. Next thing you know, you’re out of credit. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry. Its not just you. A lot of us prepaid users go through this experience. The issue becomes more problematic when you have no idea how much data all those apps consumes for background tasks. Hence, calculating the exact pricing beforehand gets a bit tricky. Certain smartphones do give you the option of keeping track of your data on a regular basis. But then again, not everyone has a smartphone with these sort of features.

cliQLuckily, if you’re an Etisalat customer you might have a way around this. Dubbed cliQ, the app aims to address the above mentioned problem. How? simply by offering consumers with the ability of activating time based data plans.

How does cliQ work?

The app recently made an appearance at this year’s Social Media Day Colombo event, where the audience was introduced to cliQ. But how does it work exactly? The app offers different time based internet packages that caters to different needs. For example, if you’re looking at browsing Facebook for a quick few minutes, you can activate the 5 minute package. Perhaps you want to watch that video on YouTube. Then maybe the 15 minute package might suit your needs. All these packages can be activated immediately via the app. You also have the option of activating multiple packages as per your need.

Using the app

Using the app is pretty straightforward. Download the app from Google Play Store. Open the app and type in your Etisalat number. Once you do so, the app will send a code to your phone which in turn will automatically register your number. That’s all you need to do to set up. In case you’re wondering, the folks at Etisalat will be soon be releasing the app on the iOS App store as well.

Yes, the app works on rooted phones too

Now its just a matter of choosing your package. On the screen, tap on any one of the options available. A second tap is needed for confirmation. From there on, you’re good to go. Once your package ends, you can always extend the connection. don’t worry, cliQ will notify you of your connection status. So you’re always conscious and you know exactly how much you’ve spent browsing the internet. The app also allows you to check your balance at any time. Hence, giving you better control of your internet usage.

cliQ | Etisalat

Another thing that I found rather welcoming on cliQ was the welcome package. This offered first time users 2 hours of unlimited browsing with unlimited data. Not a bad way to welcome new users if you ask me.

Moving forward

In this day and age, being off the internet on your smartphone hardly ever happens. So, having an app like cliQ is no doubt beneficial. But from a user’s point of view, the app could probably use some upgrades. For example, you don’t have the option of pausing your package and resume it later on. Maybe this doesn’t make sense for the small packages. But for the folks who use the longer packages might find this useful. Nevertheless, this isn’t exactly a deal breaker though.

All in all, cliQ pretty much serves its purpose. Moving forward maybe we’ll see more from the app. But until then, if you’re an Etisalat user with a prepaid connection, this app is sure to make life easier for you and your internet surfing.



  1. Cliq 7day package for 195 rs..
    My friends told me…’s not unlimited data… it’s limited data only 15gb…. is it true…..?

  2. I used 195 ( 7 day plan ) package , it’s not unlimit , we can use only 15gb ( I finished my 15gb within 4 days, because i though its unlimited , I couldn’t use data after that , and also cant use any data packages ,waited for 3 days ) that’s very disappointing because they are promoting unlimited package , after the used only I knew they cheating us

  3. i bought a sim from a retailer having said that its an unlimited package but it ended within 5 days.
    ok lets come to the point that is it really unlimited or shoud v recharge often our data fiinishes?

  4. I have a balance of 190 but in the cliq app it shows that I have only Rs1.25 so I can’t extend the connection even though I have enough balance.

  5. For iPhone users:

    1. Sell your iPhone.
    2. Take the money.
    3. Give 1/3 of it to your parents.
    4. Share 1/3 among the poor.
    5. Take the remaining and go to the nearest phone shop.
    6. Buy 2 brand new Android phones.
    7. Give 1 to your crush.
    8. On the remaining 1 you’ve got:

    8.1. Set the Data settings for your device (APN: wap).
    8.2. Create a free Google account.
    8.3. Go to Google Play.
    8.4. Search for Etisalat cliQ.
    8.5. Download and install it.
    8.6. Start the app.
    8.7. Enter your Etisalat prepaid number and get the verification code via SMS.
    8.8. Submit the code you received.


  6. is there any where i can check my data usage not days counted that i am using cliq so i need to check my data consumption in etisalat same issue lot of people saying data over in 4 or 3 days since i am not using lot of video or anything just some video in the fb and and whats up still my 15GB is over within 3 days … if you guys create something with data consumption as well so we will able to check the data how much we used daily and we can balance it until 7 days … without any trouble ..

    Thanks cheers

  7. With reference to Customer Care, any packages above 5 hours on Cliq will have 15GB whereas any packages less than 5 hours will have 5GB as FUP.

  8. I used similarly package when I was in Qatar.its a broadband package the bill has to pay every end of the the beginning days, the internet is working just fine.I able to stream the movies, downloading larger files and music.after 3 years suddenly internet is starting to work slow.then I approach the customer care center and came to know that my data limit is only 60GB as per internet fair usage policy.the reason for that I reached maximum download limit every month during this period so I can access the internet data unlimited with speed I hope Etisalat also following similar internet fair usage policy.

  9. Im add 30 days package but This working 6 days.why? I received this maessage.”You have utilized 100% of your fair usage quota. Please buy a new cliQ plan to continue browsing. If you’ve already bought a plan, it will get activated now”what was that?

  10. Yes this is not unlimited packages . Limited gbs provieds one week package just 15 gbs . And not good coverage in bandarawela and around area Better coverage in other networks

  11. I just had an interesting experience. The 5 day plan data ran out in 4 days. So I bought a 3 day plan. I got charged but couldn’t use internet.

    Called customer service. They confirmed that it was not working and it was INTENTIONAL. If we activate a new package with the current data package having run out of data but still has DAYS left, the new package will only activate itself AFTER the days for which the first package is over.


    But he did agree to activate from his end the new package. And in future if this happens again he said that I will have to call customer service to do this.


    I am sure it is so easy to program their CLIQ app to take this into consideration.

  12. 0725918006 mn me number eken cliq app eke 2days active kara….passe mn unregister dunna. .ita passe balanakota pakage eka natiwela….pakage eka aye ara ganna puluwanda

  13. Its too slow.. tooo slow…. some times its not working.Early days i paid Rs. 195 for seven days package. But now it has increased to Rs. 245. But lot of time i can’t use internet through clic. Why?
    If you (Etisalat) increas charges, you should consider the signal strength as well. Now the clic is usless when considering the low speed and high charges. Please pay ur attention for that.

  14. I used to use 96 package.. but now it’s worthless.. they increased their 96 to 108 or some thing and also the reduced their 15 gb to 3 gb.. so its worthless now


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