cmbHack.js: The battle of the javascript warriors


It’s been a long, gruelling 31 hours since the 1st ever Colombo Javascript began. Now like all good things it’s about to come to it’s end. The Javascript warriors of Colombo are in the very last phases of their  coding. Pretty soon we’ll be selecting the best out of all the chosen ideas by the Javascript community here. We’ve had a couple of good sessions in between (which we’ll talk about later). Right now, everything’s being wrapped up, cleaned and polished for inspection.

The ideas that made the cut are: CrowdTrain a community based railway shedding, RSS to Email/SMS which works as the name, Bid Me a real-time bidding app, Traxy-Taxi a GPS on tuk-tuk’s to notify drivers of potential hires, Level It an Android game, CRUD.js framework for servers and clients and lastly JS Buzz a replacement for Google Buzz. Quite a lot of stuff for just over 30 hours of coding – all of it made possible by  WSO2, Cinergix, Leapset, Virtusa and Orion City itself – and last but not least, Hutch, who after tireless site-checking and construction have set up dedicated WiFi channels for each and every team to keep their Internet connectivity as fast as possible.

So after 30-odd hours of gruelling coding, how far have these ideas gone? Let’s find out!



  1. it was a great opportunity to learn new things. so thank for giving us this time to have fun to learn new technologies(thanks organizers)


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