CodeRetreat : code just for yourself!


CodeRetreat : code just for yourself! 7


Made possible by Exilesoft, Code Retreat would be held on the June 2nd 2012 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at Hotel Galadari Colombo 



 What is “CodeRetreat”

As IT Professionals, all our time is spent chasing after deadlines, completing one task after another. We all feel the need to improve our coding standards and practices, but rarely have the time to work towards it, especially with a team of peers. 

During a Coderetreat, developers work together on a single piece of code, over and over, with different partners, without the goal of a complete and functional piece of code. Here, we get the chance to experiment with each other on different styles, put proper coding practices to use, and learn from each other.

So, where we spend the work week focusing on getting things done, CodeRetreat is a chance to spend a day focusing on learning, rather than on completing. And, of course, on having fun while doing so.


For whom

CodeRetreat is mainly for IT Professionals who seek perfection in their coding skills. You should be open to giving and receiving criticism, ready to try new things, and be willing to work together in a public forum.

The current session will be geared towards C# and Java developers, who preferably have experience with Test Driven Development.


The facilitator

CodeRetreat : code just for yourself! 8
Johannes Brodwall Chief Scientist at Steria Organizer at Smidig 200x conference series Organizer at XP meetup

Johannes Brodwall is a software developer, software architect and an opinionated thinker. He most enjoys working on small projects where he can take responsibility from concept to cash, but fate seems to throw him into large projects. He takes a holistic view even of a large project, using the experience from small projects to improve on large projects, and is especially interested in studying what makes projects more or less successful.

He has helped transition organizations to more agile practices, both as part of an architecture board during a full organizational transformation, and in more advisory roles. He is engaged in growing the software development community in Oslo, and has been organizing the Oslo XP Meetup, an Agile User Group with monthly meetings, for four years, and was also one of the initiators and organizers of two community-oriented conferences for the local agile community in Oslo: Smidig 2007 and Smidig 2008 (“smidig” is the Norwegian word for “agile”).

Johannes is passionate about quality and rapid iterations in software. He likes to be the dissenting voice in a discussion and provoke thoughts in others.


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