CodeGen opens its doors with Ennoble


They’ve been in the IT industry for 17 years now. From humble beginnings, they now work with Fortune 500 companies and are pursuing projects outside their comfort zones. These projects range from drones to an electric supercar to marrying hydroponics with AI. Who are we talking about? CodeGen, which wants to now share their learnings with Ennoble.

What is Ennoble?

Happening on the 12th of October at Trace Expert City, Ennoble is CodeGen’s open-day event. The goal of this event is for CodeGen to share what they’ve learned over the years with passionate undergraduates. But why are they hosting this event?

CodeGen EnnobleThe company feels that undergraduates today face a lot of competition. Furthermore, engineers today have also taken up responsibilities that were previously done by marketers. As such, there is a gap between the technical skills undergraduates have and the soft skills required by the industry.

This is why CodeGen is organizing Ennoble. They want to share with undergraduates what they need to be at the top.

The topics you can expect

So what will you find at Ennoble? Looking at the agenda, the first thing you’ll see is a keynote by Dr. Harsha Subasinghe – CEO of CodeGen. Following the keynote, there will be parallel tracks of technical sessions. These sessions will cover a salad of topics.

CodeGen EnnobleThese topics range from distributed computing to UX trends to Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, all the participants will also get the chance to have a look at CodeGen’s biggest projects. The event will conclude with a panel discussion on innovation.

How you can register for Ennoble

Ennoble is open to every single university student in Sri Lanka. To register, all you have to do is click here and fill out the registration form. Once registrations close, the applications will be shortlisted. Ultimately, CodeGen will be inviting 120 – 150 applications.

So how can you stand out from the rest? Just share why you’re passionate about attending the event. That’s how you’ll get the chance attend Ennoble, which as CodeGen says, “Is where you can come, witness, learn, and evolve. After that, the rest is yours.”


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