Chronicling the Grand Finale of CodeSprint 3.0


It’s been a long time coming, but we were at the finals of the CodeSprint 3.0 startup battle. In case you didn’t know what CodeSprint was, we wrote about it here. Following the initial stages of CodeSprint 3.0, participating teams took part in competitions and also a number of workshops and mentoring sessions as well. We too attended one of these sessions and we learned quite a bit about startups and the processes needed to ensure that your startup will live.

The semifinal pitches of CodeSprint 3.0 took place last week at the Dialog auditorium. Here, 15 teams pitched their ideas to a panel of judges in the hopes of being selected to the finals. Once the pitches were done, 6 teams were selected to go on to the final rounds.

Gearing up for the Grand Finale of CodeSprint 3.0

The grand finale of CodeSprint 3.0 took place on the 17th of March 2018, once again at the Dialog auditorium. For the grand finale, the 6 teams who had pitched more or less had the same ideas to pitch. The difference or what set them apart was that the teams had thrown in all the bells whistles and the kitchen sink in order to woo the judges. Would it work? Well, we were about to find out.

Team Yadolala was up first with their product LetMeSpeak

This is a tool to help those with speech impediments. The product, LetMeSpeak offers a gamified approach to overcoming speech impediments in children. A mobile application that allows kids to practice their speech therapy via interactive games, LetMeSpeak would also provide reports on how the user is faring in terms of carrying out the exercises. 

CodeSprint 3.0
Team Yadolala and LetMeSpeak

The team would also create an affiliate program with speech therapy bodies and even therapists who would recommend the app to them. In the demo, we saw a number of games that correspond to a particular therapy session as well.

Team Scorpions was up next with Plant Doc

Plant diseases are the biggest challenge for all farmers and gardeners. This is because they lack the knowledge to identify the diseases and also to provide the recommended treatment for them. This is where Plant Doc comes to the rescue.

CodeSprint 3.0
Team Scorpions and Plant Doc

By means of a microcontroller and an accompanying mobile app, a user can snap a picture of the plant in question. The app would then identify the plant via image recognition and then suggest possible remedies if the plant does in fact have a disease.  

Feeling hot? Fantastic Four has a solution for this

The team identified a very unique problem. What if you had a fan that adapted to the temperature in your room and also the angle of where you were? Well, With the team’s product, they essentially produce ambient intelligence for Pedestal fans. This would take the form of an embedded IOT component.

CodeSprint 3.0
Team Fantastic Four and their platform for ambient intelligence for Pedestal fans

So what you would essentially do is to incorporate the device into any fan such as a pedestal fan, ceiling fan, wall fan etc. Once installed, the fan would change its speed depending on the temperature. Further, the device would be able to oscillate depending on the people in the room and switch off/on accordingly as well.

Keeping those visually impaired Safe and Sound       

A product by TheTeamName, the team’s platform is a twofold one. They have identified the need for those visually impaired to navigate using a cane. The problem is that the cane is not accurate in sensing objects around the user

CodeSprint 3.0
TheTeamName and their product Safe and Sound

Their product, would be a headband and a cane. the Headband would be an ultrasonic one that would sense objects around the user and convey that information by creating 3D sound using binaural audio technology.

The second device is a collapsible cane that uses a laser to measure distances. In addition, the cane would also be able to simulate a walking stick by providing haptic feedback when collapsed. It uses machine learning to analyze the path you take and to alert people in case of emergencies.

Team Phoenix wants everyone to stay safe from diabetes

The team addresses diabetic neuropathy. If untreated, this can lead to diabetic foot ulcers. If the ulcer is serious enough, it can result in the amputation of your foot. This also means that within a span of 5 to 10 years, death is a very possible outcome. This is a large threat for people worldwide. The product that the team has developed is based on the fact that most people with diabetic neuropathy have 40% increased foot pressure.

CodeSprint 3.0
Team Phoenix and their product Genesan Sole

Their solution is Genesan Sole. This is an insole that can easily fit into a shoe. The device will continuously measure the pressure in a person’s sole and then notify them of any abnormalities. In addition, you can send the analyzed reports to your doctor or consultant so that they too can keep record of your medical status. 

You can also consult a diabetic consultant as well. Further, the devices would also be able to measure glucose levels and then notify the user if their glucose level has risen above the recommended level.

Viyana by Team Avadi is for developers, by developers.

This is essentially a web based market place for Serverless functions. This is aimed at developers who have created a number of serverless functions. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, you can sign up on the Viyana platform and share your functions via the Viyana platform.

If any developer is looking for a function such as the one you have created, you can subscribe to the function and use the function as a service.

CodeSprint 3.0
Avadi and their platform Viyana

As per the team’s presentation, Viyana supports all serverless service providers such as Google Cloud Function, AWS Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions.

We learned about CodeSprint 3.0 from Shafraz Rahim

Shafraz spoke about CodeSprint 3.0 and the ideas he saw during the initial competition as well. Rather than making it a regular hackathon, Shafraz emphasized that their vision for CodeSprint was to change how we approach building startups, products and services. He also said that another goal was to change the mindset of the participants as well.

Regardless of our backgrounds, entrepreneurship is not about just coming up with ideas and keeping them in the backburner, but rather, it’s about monetizing it and making sure it makes an impact to people in the real world. His key message was that if there is someone to help these teams go forward and make a difference in the world.

Announcing the winners of CodeSprint 3.0

  • 2nd Runners Up – Team Phoenix
  • 1st Runners Up – Team Yadolala
  • Winners – Team Scorpion

CodeSprint 3.0

With the vote of thanks being delivered, CodeSprint 3.0 officially came to an end.


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