CodeSprint 3.0: From Hackathon to Startup Battle


CodeSprint is once again just around the corner. In case you didn’t know, CodeSprint is essentially an inter-university Hackathon organized by the IEEE Student Branch of IIT partnering up with Dialog Ideamart.

CodeSprint 3.0Held as an annual event, CodeSprint revolves around technological innovations, where undergraduates come up with innovative solutions for current issues that exist both locally and globally. The very first CodeSprint was held in 2015 at the Dialog Auditorium to great success. Since then, CodeSprint has been an annual event for IIT and this year, they’ve turned things up a notch.

Gear up For CodeSprint 3.0

This year, CodeSprint will be held under the theme of “Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator and Startup Battle”. Think of it as a platform for ideation, and also a place for entrepreneurial endeavors. The goal of CodeSprint this year would be to take the participants on a journey from ideation to MVP via workshops and mentorship.

Undergraduates will be given a span of one month to hack on their tech-based ideas. From there, the teams can market-validate their ideas it and then put forward their MVP to a panel of investors to present their start-up idea.

CodeSprint 3.0
Image Credits: Facebook/CodeSprint

With CodeSprint Startup Battle, the team behind CodeSprint hopes to provide a platform for undergraduates to hack their idea into their own startup, paving the way to develop, scale and fund the next generation of tech companies.

Taking part in CodeSprint 3.0

To take part in CodeSprint, you will need to make a team with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 including yourself. All team members will have to be undergraduates or postgraduates at a private or state university. You are allowed allowed to have teams consisting of members from multiple universities.

CodeSprint 3.0
A snapshot of CodeSprint 2015

Once your team is made, you will need to come up with an innovative concept, create a proposal for it and then submit it online.  Shortlisted teams will be requested to show up for the idea pitch on the 17th of February and take part in two follow-up accelerator workshops. In addition, teams will also be asked to participate in the Hackathon and Product Pitch which will be held on the 11th of March 2018.

CodeSprint 3.0From here, the top 5 teams will move on to the finals of CodeSprint 3.0 which will be held on the 17th of March 2018 at the Dialog Auditorium. The top three teams who emerge victoriously will have a chance to be exposed to a variety of investment and sponsorship opportunities in developing their newly formed startup. CodeSprint Startup Battle registrations opened on the 15th of January 2018 and will stay open until the 2nd of February 2018.


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