Colombo Agile Conference, Google IO approaches


If you’re an out-an-about developer, hold on to your deck: the 25 AND 26th of June are going to be massively busy.

Firstly, we’ve got Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka on the 25th. For those not aware, Google IO is one of the geekiest events of the year – an annual developer conference in which the folks at Google share new products, new experiences and some of the latest tech that Google’s been cooking up. It touches every aspect – code, design, business, new interactive experiences, you name it: it ranges from the epic to the downright whimsical, as this strange link will prove.



The whole thing will be streamed live to all parts of the world, including Sri Lanka. Thanks to the time difference, this means we’ll be staying overnight, hunkering down with free pizza and going Googly-eyed literally throughout the night. Head over here for more.

Google I/O ends the next day. Right after that, we’ve got the Colombo Agile Conference. 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM at the Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo. The Colombo Agile Conference is the evolution of the Agile camps and meetups that we used to have – now it’s one giant conference for all things Agile (that’s a development methodology, by the way). If it sounds specialized, it is: it’s entirely geared towards software developers and brings both national and international experts into the limelight.

A handful of the speakers. We can't get them all into one screenshot.
A handful of the speakers. We can’t get them all into one screenshot.

After that? There’ll be no time to rest if you’ve got a TEDX Colombo ticket, because yes, TEDX Colombo is also happening – in fact, there’s probably going to be a small overlap. As always, even if you haven’t got the tickets, or can’t make it, rest assured – we’ll keep you informed. Head over to our Twitter handles (@readmelk and @readmelive) and watch this space. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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