Colombo MobDev Meetup at 99X


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The first Colombo Mobile Developer Meetup which was organized by the Colombo Camps Community was held a few weeks back in mid-May – with the next meet up around the corner in mid-June. With much interest and enthusiasm, the meet up saw a new breed of developers flocking the presentation room. The topic chosen for the day was “Building Scalable Cloud connected Android apps using Windows Azure” and the session was effortlessly carried by Jahufar Sadique, Tech Lead of the Mobile Team at 99X Technology.

As the industry is crawling towards the mobile platform, it’s as essential to integrate various technologies to build scalable apps. Windows Azure is an application platform for public cloud can be used effectively in building Android apps. Providing an introduction to this integration Jahufar focused on building apps rather than backend logic. The main concern was data, authentication, server logic and push notifications. These concepts were followed by live demos where it provided a meaningful coding experience for the onlookers.


The first demo he showed was, how one can create a new project backend with Windows Azure database and how to retrieve data from the server. Service filters and network operations were also discussed briefly in this demonstration. Next in line was authenticating and Jahufar showed how Facebook authentication could be done using this platform. Further, he mentioned about the basics of CRUD operations and server scripts. This was followed by a 5 step walk-through about Push notifications.

Later he briefed about diagnostic and more services covering API calls, memory consumption and CPU time which are factors that also need attention. Before concluding the session, more 3rd party services which could be used in building apps were explained.

Stay tuned for upcoming local meetups and events here.