The Colombo Selenium Meet-up: A Grand Success


The Colombo Selenium Meet-up: A Grand Success 3

With  Jason Huggins – the creator of Selenium Project

The meetup 

Sponsored  and hosted at 99X Technology  ”The Colombo Selenium Meet-up” was held on 27th June 2012. It was a 1hour and 15 Min Skype video call session by Jason Huggins, the creator of Selenium and co-founder of Sauce Labs. Jason spoke about the “Story of Selenium” (past, present & future of the project) and this was followed by an interactive Q&A session.


Who is Jason Huggins?

Jason Huggins is the creator of Selenium and co-founder of Sauce Labs. Prior to founding Sauce Labs, Jason was a Test Engineer at Google where he supported the grid-scale “Selenium Farm” for testing Google applications, such as Gmail and Google Docs. Jason’s experience also includes time at ThoughtWorks in Chicago as a software developer. While at ThoughtWorks, he created the Selenium testing framework out of the need to cross-browser test a new in-house time and expense system


Okay, what is Selenium Test Automation?

Selenium is an automation test tool that supports web browser testing. It supports cross browser testing and concurrent testing in different platforms (eg: different operating systems & multiple web browsers). It was one of the first automation tools to support Ajax and other heavily dynamic pages


 The Initiates of the Colombo Selenium Meet-up

Initiated by Janesh Kodikara of Pragmatic Test Labs (Founder, Software Test Consultant ) and Co – Organizer  Kishan Navaratne (Senior Quality Assurance Engineer – 99X Technology.)

 (Photo of the initiates)


 What’s Colombo Selenium Meet-up is all about ?

The Colombo Selenium Meetup is an open forum for Selenium users of all skill levels. Meetings are held once a month and speakers  from major software and web companies are hosted. The Meet Up concludes with a Q&A  session followed by refreshments and networking.

The main focus in the  Selenium are topics extending through related areas of interest, such as Agile testing, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, building maintainable automated test scripts and others.


[box_light]Photos of the event could be found here[/box_light]


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