Unleash Your Inner Creativity With Colorgram


If there’s one thing that we all love doing, it’s coloring a picture. No matter how old you are or how busy you are, the moment you see a coloring book, the urge to color it is too great and your inner artist bursts forth. At least, that’s how it is with me.This is now made easier with smartphones.

Meet Colorgram

Both Android and iOS devices have a plethora of coloring apps in their respective app stores and today we’ll be looking at Colorgram. Developed by 4 Axis Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Colorgram is an adult coloring book for your inner child. The app is free to download is designed for the iPhone, iPad and even the Apple Watch.

Image Credits: iTunes/Apple

Once you download and install the app, you can choose to create your own Colorgram account or go straight into coloring. The interface of the app is rather easy to use and you can get the hang of the controls in the first 10 minutes or so. The main interface has 4 tabs located at the bottom. They are “Books”, “Community”, “My Artworks” and “Notifications”. The titles alone are pretty self-explanatory.

It’s more than just a Coloring app

Books gives you a collection of coloring books to choose from and you can even pick from individual pages. Your first 7 drawings are free. Once those are done with, you can choose from a number of pricing options to continue using the app. This is because the actual content has to be created for you to be able to draw it so this is a way to support the developers as well.

The sections of Cologram
Image Credits: Rushi Irshan

You can view other people’s drawing in the Community section and sort them via popularity, recently uploaded drawing and also subscribe to people who use the app. You can also rate images by pressing the Heart icon. The tab also shows you when the image was uploaded so you can keep track on your friend’s progress as well.

If you’re looking to show off your brand new coloring skills, all you need to do is head over to My Artworks and you can see all the drawings you are working on. Once you feel that a drawing is complete, you can have it published.

Using Colorgram

As we said earlier, using the app is pretty straightforward. Simply pick an image you want to color, and you can start coloring. The coloring options are pretty cool as you have a variety of choices such as gradients and plain colors. You can even add custom colors to “My Pallettes” and save them for use later on.

Using Cologram to paint a picture
Image Credits: Rushi Irshan

As you can see from the images above, adding a gradient changes the entire look of the image and gives it a bit of a professional look as well.  One thing we did notice was that the app made the device heat up a bit. We tested it out on an iPhone 6 Plus and after around 30 minutes of drawing, the app froze and crashed. From there, the app refused to open and kept crashing. We’re hoping that it was a small bug that can be easily fixed via a future update.

Overall, if you’re artistic at heart or you just want to kick back and relax and take some stress off, give Colorgram a go. It’s easy to use, has a number of cool features and it will probably keep you hooked for a long time.

You can download Colorgram to your iPhone or iPad by clicking here.


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