Connecting Sri Lankans: Nokia tops local mobile market



Their tagline vows to connect people, and in our case, Sri Lankans.

In recent data published by CyberMedia Research or CRM, Nokia leads Sri Lanka’s mobile phone market, with 27.2% of overall market share.

A few days ago ReadMe featured an update on the standings of the local smartphone market. However, despite a few of us Sri Lankans who use our mobile phones primarily for internet purposes, a majority of the country is yet to make the shift from feature / basic phones to smartphones. Given those circumstances, Nokia’s standing is evident. We all remember once claiming ownership of either a 3310 or 1100! 

According to the CRM findings, Samsung follows Nokia with a 17.4% overall market share. The smartphone market in Sri Lanka however, is dominated by Samsung, Huawei and Micromax (Lumias are yet to find its way to the list). Furthermore, the report also highlights (possible) changing trends of the mobile phone user. The Indian research company states that Sri Lanka shows a faster decline in feature phone imports, compared to India. For all we know, unless Windows brings more marketable features beside fancy displays and cameras, Nokia might find its way permanently out of the Sri Lankan mobile market soon.



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